Saturday, 24 August 2013

Film Review: Two Weeks Notice

Two Weeks Notice is one of those fluffy romantic comedies that I can't help but rewatch over and over again. This proved difficult when I moved house and had to leave the copy that I enjoyed rewatching behind, but while we were off the island visiting charity shops in Largs I found a copy of it on DVD and we picked it up. Another rewatch was inevitable.

Sandra Bullock plays Lucy, a lawyer, who runs into Hugh Grant's George, a high powered businessman, who is buying up land to develop. She reluctantly joins his staff with the intention of saving a local community centre, but gradually gets sucked in as he comes to rely on her more and more. As time goes by she realises that she needs to break away from him which leads to her working the titular two weeks notice. Cue romance.

It's a nice and simple storyline, easy to follow and doesn't really require too much thinking about (unless you care to contemplate the grammatical error in the title). It's Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock playing the characters they play so well; they bounce off each other well and it's full of bits that make me laugh.

It's got fantastic music in it as well which I think deserves a mention. Norah Jones crops up in the above charity benefit scene. I remember watching the commentary years ago and Sandra Bullock keeps on repeating 'Norah Jones' over and over again because no one else is commenting on her. I also like the use of Big Yellow Taxi in another scene, mainly because I really like that song.

If you're a fan of Mr Holland's Opus you should look out for Alicia Witt who plays Lucy's replacement, June Carver. She's the teenage clarinet player. I remember watching this the first time thinking she's make a good adult version of that character, only to go on and realise that it is in fact that same person.

In classic romcom style, you know that the couple on the front cover of the DVD box are going to end up together by the end of the film, but it's a fun journey to get to that point. In a way it reminds me of When Harry Met Sally... (another film we've recently managed to pick up and watch).

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