Sunday, 18 January 2015

Weekly Rundown: On the Road Again...

For the second time in a week my view is once again something like this:

As we make our return journal back to Scotland.

This time around my reading material is The Book Thief, my Week 3 book for the Reading Challenge (a book that's been made into a movie). I've had it on my bookcase for ages, having picked it up second hand after loving it on my first read through.

I just love the way it is written and it's been entirely too long since I last read it. The language is beautiful and I'd really recommend it.

As of today my blog schedule will be returning to normal, including the afternoon Chapter-by-Chapter posts of The Carnivorous Carnival. And next week I'll tell you all about my trip away.


  1. Hiya, have a safe journey. Hope you make the ferry!!!

    1. We made it! ;-)

      It was quite a nice journey back. Much drier & less snowy than the journey down. :-D


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