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Film Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1, Part 3

Here we are at the half-way point of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. I can't believe we're almost at the end of this entire series. I've really enjoyed rewatching them. I certainly pay more attention to them while I'm writing these posts, I've noticed a whole load of little things that I've missed on past viewings.

Last week we saw the celebration and abrupt end finish of Bill and Fleur's wedding, the trio were nearly run down by a double-decker bus, and then figured out just how to get into the Ministry.

54. Harry and Hermione pause to take a look at the new statue showing Muggles being crushed beneath the might of the Ministry. Come on guys, you don’t have time to stand and admire the interior decorating, you don’t know when the polyjuice potion is going to wear off.

55. And now Ron’s worrying about his wife who’s blood status is on trial at the moment. So they’re getting separated, which really isn’t a good thing at all. Especially as Umbridge has just gone off with Hermione, leaving Harry to look for the locket by himself.

56. Umbridge has got Mad-Eye’s eye in her door. It’s just swivelling around all over the place.

57. I think the decoy detonators are quite cute. They certainly do the job. Soon Harry is in Umbridge’s office, which looks almost exactly like her office at Hogwarts, though with less pink and kittens.

58. The bit where Harry finds the files with crosses over the photos of people who have been killed is quite sad, helped along by the sad music.

59. Then it’s down to the trial where Umbridge has taken Hermione (in her disguise). And the woman who is on trial thinks that Ron is her husband. Even though I know what is going to happen next, I can’t help but feel sort of tense and on edge at this bit.

60. Harry looks like he’s about to go for Umbridge. He’s spotted the locket. Oh and the polyjuice potion is wearing off.

61. Luckily the lift gates stop the dementors for long enough for Harry to Expecto Patronum them. Unluckily Harry and Hermione are having to leave through the main entrance without being noticed. They might have done it too, if Mrs Cattermole hadn’t kissed Ron as he transformed back to himself.

62. And now people have noticed him. And the bad guys are not happy.

63. Harry and Hemione make it into the fireplace with Ron right behind, but they’re being chased and so there’s a little fight as they’re travelling. Suddenly we’re outside looking up at trees. Yay! It’s still daylight.

64. Hermione is remarkably calm considering Ron is sort of shaking around and his arm is all cut up. Actually, having sad that she sort of starts to lose it while she’s trying to tell Harry to get the essence of dittany. That stuff works fast. I could do with some of that in my medicine cabinet!

65. I like the way that as Hermione starts putting up the defensive spells you see a little ripple. I like the way that works later on in the film as well.

66. It doesn’t take long to establish that nothing will actually destroy the locket. I have to add that I really like Hermione’s top in this scene. Also Ron does not look well at all. I don’t particularly like angry, ill Ron. Though he does make a good point when he mentions that Ron should’ve told Harry how to get rid of the Horcruxes.

67. And there’s another little trip into Voldemort’s mind. He’s visiting Gregorovich who is telling him about something that was stolen from him. This is evidently not what Voldemort wants to hear because he Avada Kedavras him right afterwards.

68. Hermione decides that this is the right time to berate Harry for not shutting out these thoughts, while Harry repeats everything with just saw in the flashsideways, just in case we weren’t paying attention while that was on the screen (or haven’t read the books).

69. Harry’s getting wound up about Ron listening to the radio too. Harry’s getting all hormonal and tetchy with Hermione now. Apparently she’s not doing enough. There’s this whining noise which stops when Hermione convinces Harry to take the necklace off, apparently that’s where all the bad mood was coming from, and now it’s her turn to have it.

70. The radio informs us that Snape is the new Hogwarts Headmaster, I’m not sure I’ve noticed that before. Harry’s studying the Marauder’s Map. I like to see it pop up in this film.

71. This next bit is one of my favourites. Even if it does take place outdoors which means I can’t see much of it. Some people walk almost right paste Hermione and we get to see just how good her defences are. On one side we can see her and the man outside, then the camera moves round, ripples slightly, and we see him looking at blank space where Hermione should be. I don’t think they could’ve done that better if they tried.

72. Hermione is wearing perfume which Harry tells her not to do again. Ron walks out of the tent just to hear Harry say ‘don’t wear any’. Then they have to walk because Ron can’t apparate. He keeps walking apart from the others, giving them evil looks because they’re obviously against him or something. He’s also miffed that Harry doesn’t actually know what he’s doing.

73. This bit seems to go on forever in the book, so I’m glad it’s kept short in the film.

74. Hermione is cutting Harry’s hair when she suddenly gets an idea and does what she always does when she gets an idea; consults a book. She’s figured out that the sword of Gryffindor has sucked up Basilik venom, thereby meaning it will destroy a horcrux.

75. I love Hermione’s response to Harry calling her brilliant: ‘Actually I’m highly logic which allows me to look past extraneous detail and perceive clear that which others overlook.’ Hehe.

76. And Ron’s got the locket so he’s not happy to hear other people being happy. So he turns out the light with his deluminator. He’s peeved that now they’ve got to go look for something else.

77. Hermione’s figured out that the locket is making Ron like this. And then there’s lots of shouting which becomes almost a full blown fight, before Harry tells Ron to go. Ron’s expecting Hermione to come with him so when Hermione doesn’t he ‘realises’ what’s going on. Harry’s comment about not wearing anything seems to have bitten them in the backside now.

78. And then there were two.

79. And those two head to Yorkshire.

Come back next week to see Harry and Hermione pay a visit to Godric's Hollow, an old woman turn into a snake, and the Return of the Weasley.


  1. I really enjoyed the movies but haven't read the books.

    1. You're so lucky. I'd love to go back and experience the magic of the books all over again. The films are good but the books have so much more to them. I'd definitely recommend reading them.


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