Thursday, 22 January 2015

Journey to Wales with Leerdammer Light

On the 11th Mr Click and I set off down south to visit my family in Wales. Now when you live on a small Scottish island, any journey off the island can be a bit of a trek, but a trip to Wales was obviously a slightly different kettle of fish.

With Yoda and Wicket shipped off to a colleague for a week of tormenting her cats, and Tara booked in for her longest stay at the kennels yet, we headed off for the first boat on a Sunday morning. Considering it was 8am, it was surprisingly busy.

I don't drive, so it was all down to Mr Click, and I wish I'd taken photos on the journey. We started off making good time, until we hit Dumfries and Galloway and discovered snow. For a while we'd been noticing cars going by on the opposite side of the motorway which had more than a sprinkling of snow on their roofs. Little did we know that less than twenty minutes later we would be travelling at 25 miles per hour with two lanes of the motorway submerged under snow!

It was a little hairy at points. Particularly when an ambulance overtook us and threw slush up onto our windscreen, temporarily blinding us. They almost ended up with a new customer after that!

Luckily it wasn't snowy all the way down, though it drizzled for much of the day. We'd planned for the journey accordingly, knowing the prices of food and refreshments on the motorway, we packed a picnic lunch for ourselves; a few rolls, some sliced chicken and a pack of Leerdammer Light cheese slices.

I recently signed up on Bzz Agent and my first freebie to review was a pack of the Leerdammer Light cheese. I'd originally planned on just scoffing it at home, but having a long journey and needing food to keep us going, I used my voucher for my free pack of cheese and packed it into the picnic bag with our other supplies for the journey.

The pack contains eight slices of the Leerdammer Light cheese, which I will admit, I didn't think it was a lot. I'm one of those people who, when feeling peckish, will sit and munch on a block of cheese. It turned out that it was just the right amount though. I used a couple of slices in my rolls, Mr Click tried a slice and I still had enough left over for a snack before we hit the M50!

I tend to refer to cheese slices as 'rubber cheese' because, well, obvious reasons really. Sliced cheese tends to have that slightly rubbery texture and light cheese is usually pretty flavourless. Not so with the Leerdammer Light. The packet advertises that the cheese is smooth with a hint of nuttiness, and that's exactly what I tasted. It's quite a creamy cheese and the flavour is quite strong. On the way home I picked up an own brand cheese to compare and the taste was stronger, but it wasn't balanced with the smooth and creamy flavour so it wasn't as nice.

I was also especially pleased with the packet. We'd taken a bread knife with us (as you do) for opening the rolls but I knew I didn't fancy sawing my way into the packet of cheese. No such worry was necessary. It just peels open and although it doesn't reseal, you could stick it into a sandwich bag to keep it fresher once it's opened. As you can see from the picture above, it also made for a handy plate while we were eating in the car!

Our local Co-Op sells this pack of eight cheese slices for £1.79, though I received a coupon in order to get my pack for free. Normally I would go for a cheaper cheese, but I think I'd definitely pick up Leerdammer or Leerdammer Light again if we were planning a picnic in the summer. Eight slices would be just enough for two people as a bit of a treat. I'm already planning on using some to spice up a summer salad as well.

Disclaimer: I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I received no monetary reward.

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