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Film Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1, Part 1

I wasn't entirely sure how to number these posts, considering I usually use Part 1, Part 2, etc. and this film already has a Part 1 as part of the title. I toyed with the idea of writing it as 1.1, 1.2, etc. But writing it like this amuses me so I think I'll stick with it like this.

Last weekend, while wrestling with my computer to try and write all the blog posts I needed to for the coming weeks, I remembered that I hadn't yet watched the next film in the Harry Potter series for these review posts. So everything was put on hold for this, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.


In this first part of five all is not well in the Wizarding World, Harry gets moved to the Burrow with a couple of deaths along the way, and Harry realises that he's going to need his friends to get through all this. Aww.

1. We know that this is going to be a dark film because the Time Warner logo is all dark and manky looking. Oh and the creepy, tinkly music.

2. And look, it’s Rufus Scrimgeour being the Minister and reassuring everyone that Voldemort’s being back isn’t going to change much. The Ministry is strong apparently. I don’t think so somehow.

3. I like how this film sort of jumps right into the action. Hermione’s all concerned about her family, Harry’s family are finally getting away from him, and Ron is standing outside looking all anxious.

4. I love the way that Hermione’s spell wipes her out of all the photos, though I do have to wonder if her parents (hello Catelyn Stark) will wonder why they have a bunch of empty frames now.

5. As far as introductions go, I think this is one of my favourites. It’s short and gets the action moving quite quickly.

6. It is of course still all taking place mostly in the dark, which makes it a little difficult to see what’s happening. Snape’s flouncing into the Malfoy Manor by the looks of things. It’s not exactly a happy tea party, considering the fact that one of his former colleagues is currently suspended over the table.

7. They’re working out when Harry will be moved and where they’ll take him. Bellatrix wants to volunteer her murderous services, but Voldemort’s decided that he must be the one to do it. Would probably save a bit of time if you just let anyone do it, mate.

8. The Malfoys do not look very happy at the moment. Lucius even less so when he realises that Voldemort wants his wand. When Voldemort snaps the snake head off the end Lucius looks like he might throw up.

9. Now we get an introduction to the Muggle Studies teacher hanging over them all. That’s one subject that I would really have liked to see in the books or in the films.

10. Now it’s Draco’s turn to look like he wants to throw up as Charity is Avada Kedavra’d on the table right in front of him before Nagini goes for the camera.

11. And we get a flashback of Dumbledore falling to his death while Harry hangs out in his room with the fake locket. Downstairs he checks out his old bedroom, in the cupboard under the stairs. It’s a nice little nod to the first film.

12. This next bit is one of my favourite bits in the whole film. I love watching the special features showing how they did this bit.

13. Mad-Eye Moody interrupts Tonks trying to make an announcement about herself and Remus. I wish they’d got more screen time. We don’t see nearly enough of them in the book and I was hoping we’d see a little more of them in the films. Alas it’s not to be.

14. Harry doesn’t take the news that they’re all risking their lives to move him very well. But they go ahead with it anyway.

15. The way they change into Harry is kind of creepy to watch. Half Hermione/half Harry is easiest the ugliest thing in the world. Though remembering how wooden I always find Daniel Radcliffe in the first film, the fact that he takes on all the role of all the fake Harries so well says something for how he’s come along over the course of the movies.

16. As they all head off I have to worry that Fleur!Harry will give the game away, considering the way she’s hugging Bill’s back.

17. Obviously they’re not going to make a smooth getaway. They’re under attack and Hagrid and Harry are off on their supercharged giant motorbike. Because this is a Hollywood blockbuster we need to some car crashes.

18. And that’s the first death of the film. Bye bye Hedwig. I think that was one of the bits that got to me most in the first read of the book. It was so sudden and unexpected, just as it is in the film here.

19. Luckily switching wands hasn’t improved Voldemort’s chances of bumping off Harry. I love how we travel along the beams of the spell. Bad luck for those people who have just lost their power in a fairly dramatic way.

20. Once again, Harry is in the pond at the Burrow. This seems to be the place he usually lands when he comes to visit now.

21. No one else is back. Yet. Until Remus arrives with George who’s been injured. Remus is a little bit wild, grabbing Harry by the scruff of the neck and checking he is who he says he is. This has to be repeated with everyone who arrives. It’s at night again, so I’m spending most of this time watching my own reflection.

22. Aww, Hermione has to give Ron a hug when he gets back. They don’t have long together before Harry joins in the cuddlefest.

23. Back in the Burrow George’s ear does not look good. In fact there’s not much of it left at all. He’s still cracking jokes though, so we know that although things are dark and scary, we can be happy.

24. Except Mad-Eye Moody is dead. So we have to feel sad again. Just to remind you, this isn’t a happy film.

25. Another flashback. They might as well begin this one with ‘Previously On Harry Potter’. It ends with Voldemort complaining to Olivander for giving him misinformation.

26. In the darkness I can just make out Harry striking out on his own. Luckily Ron is right behind him, telling him he can’t just leave like that. They’re all in this together and they need Hermione to help y’know, keep them all alive.

27. I like the way that Harry doesn’t actually agree to go back, but he drops his bag and Ron picks it up. That sort of settles it. They’re such good friends.

Check back next week for a wedding, the fall of the Ministry, a visit to Grimmauld Place, and a journey via toilet.


  1. I loved that movie. But I really enjoyed all the Harry Potter movies.

    1. I think that they definitely improved as time went on. :-)


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