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Film Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1, Part 2

Considering I was so worried about them splitting this book into two films, I can't help but think that it's one of my favourites, though watching it does reinforce the idea that Goblet of Fire would be so much better if they'd split it in two as well.

Last week's post looked at the very succinct introduction to events at the start of the film, the creepiness of people turning into Harry, and the loss of Hedwig, Mad-Eye Moody, and George's left ear.

28. Yay! It’s daylight and I can see what is happening on the screen again!

29. We get to see The Daily Prophet and learn about Rita Skeeter’s book before Ginny comes in (wearing a very pretty dress) and asks Harry to zip her up. Then George sneaks in while they’re snogging. I love they way he says ‘morning’ with his toothbrush stuck in his ear hole.

30. And who should show up while they’re preparing for the wedding. Just the Minister for Magic. It’s time for the reading of the will. Ron gets the deluminator, Hermione a book of The Tales of Beedle the Bard (Ron’s reaction to the stories is so cute, as is Harry and Hermione’s reaction to him), and Harry gets his first snitch. Harry takes it. And nothing happens. Scrimgeour is disappointed.

31. Oh and Dumbledore wanted to give Harry the sword of Gryffindor. But Harry’s not allowed to have it. And it’s kind of lost.

32. Now, let’s have a wedding! I do like the music they’re playing. It’s very bright and lively. Don’t get too used to it though, it’s highly unlikely to last long.

33. I love Luna and her dad. Pay attention to the pendant Xenophilius is wearing, just in case you didn’t notice it, the camera lingers on a close up of it slightly longer than necessary. And the way Luna tows her dad off telling him that Harry doesn’t want to speak to them, but is too polite to say so. Love Luna.

34. And now Harry is discussing Dumbledore’s obituary and Bathilda Bagshot who has given Rita Skeeter her exclusive for her book. By the way, Dumbledore came from Godric’s Hollow. Also scandal in Dumbledore’s past.

35. Before Harry can dwell on this news too much Kingsley’s Patronus shows up and chaos descends. They’ve got Scrimgeour and if they don’t get away soon they’re going to get Harry too.

36. That is, if the London bus doesn’t get him first.

37. No one seems to notice the three teenagers who just appeared in the middle of the road. And before too long they’re getting changed in an alleyway. I love the rumble as all Hermione’s books fall over.

38. Now they’re in a cafĂ©, trying to work out what they should do next. Luckily Hermione has been preparing for this for some time. Everything they need is in her convenient little beaded bag.

39. They’re interrupted by two Death Eaters showing up and so after trashing the place and knocking them out, they have to clear up. Ron seems to be contemplating killing them, but instead Hermione is given the task of wiping their memories. I love the little touch of her cheek from Ron before she does it. I’m such a shipper, moments like that just make my heart flutter.

40. Hermione’s just realised that it’s Harry’s birthday and she and Ginny never got the chance to give him his cake. I like the way she gives herself a little shake when Harry points out her priorities are not very straight right now.

41. And so it’s to Grimmauld Place. A dusty Dumbledore rushes at them, but otherwise it’s not too bad. That bit really made me jump in the cinema though.

42. Now for another flashback, or whatever you call it when Harry sees Voldemort’s thoughts and actions.

43. Lookit Hermione and Ron almost holding hands while they’re asleep!

44. So Harry heads upstairs to explore. I think I would happily just watch a film which was a tour of Grimmauld Place. Getting a glimpse of Sirius’s room is nice. Meanwhile Ron’s found Regulus’s room, with the initials R.A.B. on the door, just like in the locket. One mystery down, dozens more to solve.

45. Oh look, it’s Kreature and he confirms what they suspect about Regulus and the locket.

46. When Kreature calls Hermione ‘Mudblood’, Ron goes to hit him with a ladle. I probably shouldn’t find that as funny as I do.

47. Mundungus Fletcher took the locket and Kreature is despatched to find him.

48. Elsewhere in the Wizarding World, Voldemort is stopping the Hogwarts Express so the Death Eaters can search it. Love that Neville calls them ‘losers’. I love Neville.

49. The new Minister for Magic is giving a little speech, giving us a quick glimpse of some faces who we will be seeing again soon. Also, ugh, it’s Umbridge. Bad things are also happening at Diagon Alley too, where Harry is now ‘Undesirable Number One’. Sucks to be Harry.

50. Meanwhile, Hermione is giving Ron a piano lesson when they are interrupted by Kreature and Dobby bringing Mundungus. I like the way that Ron compliments Dobby on his trainers here.

51. Also it’s quite funny how Kreature is on Harry’s side now, while they’re questioning Mundungus Kreature keeps poking him. And so we learn that Umbridge is now the owner of the locket.

52. In some respects I like how this film jumps ahead and cuts out a lot of the waiting around. I’d like to see more of Kreature becoming nicer, but instead we get straight to the knocking out the Ministry employees to polyjuice themselves to get inside the Ministry.

53. I like the way that the adult actors kind of take on certain attributes of the people they’re playing. Also funny is Ron and Harry trying to work out how this entrance works. Ron sums it up quite well with ‘It’s bloody disgusting!’

That's it for this week.

Next week we'll see the trio infiltrating the Ministry, getting their hands on a Horcrux, and then having a massive tiff.

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