Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Another Blog Stats Post

I've been meaning to do another blog stats post ever since I completed the A to Z Challenge because it definitely helped to boost my page views and I thought it would be interesting to have another post to make that milestone.

And then I forgot about that. Then I hit 15,000 page views and it seemed like that should be occasion enough to make a post showing my current blog stats. But once again it got overlooked until now.

Pageviews for the week, from 23/06/13
I'm now fast approaching 16,000 pageviews so now seems like a good time to share some of these stats. The picture above was captured on Sunday so things will definitely have changed since then. The little spike you see on the 18th is because I posted a review of a Terry Pratchett book that day. Any post that mentions Terry Pratchett or Game of Thrones is guaranteed to get twice as many pageviews as any other post that week!

Most popular posts to day (23/06/13)
As you can see, the top spots for most popular posts are still dominated by my very first Game of Thrones book review and those ever popular film reviews. I have no idea what it is about them, except that the Christmas film posts seem to largely attract Russian and German viewers. I'm pleased to see that a couple of posts from this year are sneaking up the list in terms of popularity. Hopefully by this time next year there'll be a few more 2013 posts on that list (and a few less 2011 ones)!

Traffic since the blog started (23/06/13)
And that's how things are looking on my blog for number of visitors since I started. I love how much it's grown since my first post way back when! I like how whenever I have a little dip it's followed by a spike. I think some of that increase in traffic is due to the fact that I post every day now (and that back in April I was posting twice a day on most days). It's fun to see how it just keeps growing and growing!

Search Keywords (23/06/13)
And finally, my personal favourite page to check in my stats, the keywords. I'm yet to find something as interesting as 'men having a wee', which is probably a good thing. My favourite from this one is the one third from the bottom. I'm guessing it led to the post about my haircut. This also probably demonstrates just why my Game of Thrones post remains at the top of the list for popularity.

Do you check your blog stats regularly? Have you found any interesting keywords which have led people to your blog?

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