Friday, 11 October 2013


My attempts to get Tara walking nicely to heel are being thwarted by an unexpected complication. Backache!

In fact, it's not just backache, it's shoulderache, armache and neckache all rolled together in one fantastic combination of pain.

It's just started since the training class on Wednesday so I'm guessing the two are connected.

It culminated this morning in my completely giving up walking the dog because I couldn't hold the lead anymore. Tara suddenly lunged towards someone walking towards us and I got a shooting pain down my arm and into my hand.

Needless to say Mr Click is on dog walking duty until I stop hurting.

Any tips for easing back pain beyond taking lots and lots of painkillers?

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  1. I've been known to throw my back out putting on mascara. True story. What works best for me are those adhesive hot/cold patches. Also if you are sitting on a chair, feet flat on the floor gently lean forward towards your knees to help stretch out the back muscles.

    Hope you find what helps. Back pain is terrible.


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