Sunday, 20 October 2013

Project 52: Week 40 - Lines & Week 41 - Shoes

Well! I'm back.

I got kind of annoyed with my blogging app on my phone that wouldn't let me post photos (and sometimes got a bit funny about posting posts without pictures in) so I decided it was easier to take a week off. This week things'll still be a bit sporadic because I've got a TMA that I really should be working on, rather than blogging, so that kind of needs to be my main focus at the moment.

Next week I'll get things back on track though, I promise.

In the meanwhile, here's my photos for Project 52 for the last two weeks (I'm yet to take my photo for this week's theme Resting).

First up, for Week 40, the theme was Lines. I had a bit of a thunk about various things I'd seen with lines on them and was leaning towards taking a photo of the yachts in the harbour, but then didn't get down town so that idea went out the window.

In the end I settled for something else that always makes me think of lines; balls of wool.

I love the way that the wool wraps and overlaps itself and some balls of wool, particularly those which have variegated wool, can look really striking. This is just a plain creamy coloured ball of wool but I think it shows what I mean about the lines.

I was originally planning on cropping this photo to make it look a little bit more interesting, but fiddling around with the contrast and saturation kind of did the trick instead. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, considering what a boring subject I ended up working with!

The following week the theme was Shoes. This was not a problem for me as I have plenty of shoes. I'd planned to take a photo of the shoes all lined up in the front lobby but as they were kind of in a disarray (and not one that would look particularly photogenic) I decided to work with what I had in the back lobby.

Those are my slip on trainers that I trudge around the garden in when I take Tara out first thing in the morning (or when I'm hanging out washing on the line). Even though they're slip-ons I don't bother pulling them onto my heels properly, so I kind of tread down the heels because I'm lazy. The others are obviously my welly boots, which I've been wearing to walk Tara recently because we've had a lot of rain. All of my other footwear lives in the front lobby, my wardrobe or the cupboard upstairs; the back lobby is where convenience footwear lives.

Again, it's not a particularly interesting photo. I did try a couple of different angles before settling on this one because I liked the background being in focus while the foreground wasn't. I didn't have much space to work in (crouched on the floor in the kitchen doorway) so this was about the best I could do.

Hopefully by next week I'll be all caught up with my photo themes so it'll be another two-for-one with Resting and Fireworks. Those'll be some interesting photos to try and catch!

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