Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Yarn Bombing

Last weekend was a bit busy on Bute, not only were we invaded by Vikings (and there was a Gallery Tour on the Sunday) but there was also a Yarn Bombing event. I'd seen and heard about this several weeks ago and as much as I wanted to get involved with it, I had other knitting commitments and didn't really have the time to devote to knitting random strips of wool as well as working on a scarf and putting off sewing up elephants.

But that didn't stop me from going Yarn Bomb hunting on Sunday, armed with my camera and a rather excitable Labrador, I dragged Mr Click all over town and shamelessly photographed all my favourites.

I was amazed this little guy was still here on Sunday, I was sure someone would've made off with him.
Yarn Bombing basically involves a group of people doing a bunch of knitting, in this case mostly rectangular strips though there were a fair few pom-poms and crocheted embellishments as well, which are then sewn onto various things while no one is around. The result is lots of lampposts and signposts wearing brightly coloured jumpers.

The giant cherry of pom-poms is a stroke of genius.
Some of the pieces of knitting had tags on with things like 'Have a nice day' written on them.
It was really good fun wandering around the town looking for them. I didn't even get to go back to all the ones that I spotted on the Saturday when we were at the Viking invasion. Just when you thought you'd seen them all, you'd spot another one somewhere else.


These ones on the posts remind me of the scarf I'm working on at the moment. So many different colours and stripes!

And my absolute personal favourite thing in town was the pom-pom tree. It's such a brilliant idea. I want one of these in my own garden!


If they ever bring this event back to Bute I think I'd definitely like to get involved!

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  1. Really glad you enjoyed Yarn Bomb Bute!!! There's more pics and info on our facebook page: and I really hope it can happen again! Do you mind if I share your blog? :)


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