Saturday, 28 June 2014

Film Review: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Part 3

Here we are at the conclusion of my three-part review of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone movie. Next week I'll be moving on to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets... I'm saying that I'll try and keep it short... but I can't guarantee it. We'll see how it goes.

Last week involved Harry getting settled into Hogwarts and starting to make friends. With said friends he became aware of the mystery of the thing that was being hidden in Hogwarts and they began investigating it. This continues in this final part.

63. I love Hermione’s ‘light reading’. At the age of 15 I got The Complete Works of William Shakespeare for my birthday and all of my friends pulled faces like Ron in this scene. They couldn’t believe I’d actually asked for it!

64. Okay, who didn’t see this film and immediately get the strongest urge to adopt a baby dragon? Even though they don’t actually exist. There’s something very cute about him, despite his ability to flambĂ© your face. Also, how sweet is Hagrid with him? He kind of reminds me of Mr Click with our baby rats and Tara!

65. Hehe, Malfoy is smug when he thinks McGonagall has made a mistake in giving him detention with the others. I can’t help but laugh when it gets corrected. He’s just so used to getting everything his way. He’s like what Dudley would’ve been if the Dursley’s lived in the wizarding world! Perhaps that’s a message in these stories, your parents will shape you into the person you become. Scary!

66. Anyway, now the kids are venturing into the forest with Hagrid. I love Ron in this bit. It’s like the very thought of going into the forest is painful to him.

67. I’ve not noticed it since the very beginning of the film when Dumbledore turned out (or pinched) all the lights in Privet Drive, but stuff is happening in the dark here and if I hadn’t seen the film dozens of times before it would make it very hard to follow. At the moment all the stuff taking place in the Forbidden Forest is sort of happening against a backdrop of my living room. I can make out odd people and some tree roots but everything else is mainly sofa, rat cage and labrador!

68. The kids are totally fixated on the idea that it’s Snape who’s after the Stone. He’s not really given them any reason to suspect anyone else and Quirrell’s cover is really good. At least they’re right about someone being after the Stone for Voldemort.

69. And Hermione thinks the exam wasn’t too bad. I used to get told off by my friends for discussing easy bits of exams right after them. I may actually be Hermione!

70. Hagrid is playing the Harry Potter theme music on a little flute. That always makes me smile.

71. Of course Harry will always be safe at Hogwarts as long as Dumbledore is there, so the news that he’s gone away is a little worrying. I also hope that McGonagall is sending a strongly worded owl to Dumbledore to let him know that people know about the Stone. If three eleven-year-olds can figure it out, surely other people can too. Considering how much of the plot has been passed on from Hagrid, I wouldn’t let him in on too many secret plots in future!

72. I love Neville’s pyjamas. They have teddy bears on them. It’s so sweet. I think he should be wearing fluffy bunny slippers as well, just to complete the look.

73. Regarding Ron’s comment about Fluffy having horrible breath, Tara has really good teeth but sometimes her breath is still a bit gross. I’m trying not to imagine that multiplied by three and dialled up to eleven. Especially as I only just finished eating a little while ago.

74. I don’t really have much to say about the journey through the trapdoor, except that I really like Ron and Hermione’s interactions during the Devil’s Snare bit. I also love the fact that Ron gets to be the hero by playing chess. J.K. Rowling, standing up for geeks everywhere! I think the chess game also gives another example of the sort of person Ron is; willing to sacrifice himself for his friends. Oh and that fact that Hermione reacts to this the way she does kind of says something else too. ;-)

75. I’m always really disappointed that we don’t get to see the potion challenge where Hermione uses logic to work out which bottle is the correct one to drink from. I really like that bit in the book. They could’ve done that instead of having Hermione tell Ron he’s got a dirty nose!

76. And shock of shocks! It’s not Snape but Quirrell! And he’s suddenly not stuttering anymore. Knowing the curse on the DADA post, Quirrell must have just started at the school at the same time as Harry, so I guess nobody noticed his change in character (of the fact there was someone’s face growing out of his head!) I’ve never actually considered that much before because Quirrell doesn’t really get much more mention in the rest of the series.

77. The two face thing is really quite creepy, and it must feel really weird for Quirrell. For some reason on this viewing, that idea kind of grosses me out more than it has before. Especially when Harry touches Quirrell and he sort of crumbles away. Honestly, what a way to go! And Harry’s hands are now covered in Quirrell dust. Ew.

78. I love Dumbledore’s visit to Harry in the hospital wing. I realise that an awful lot of these posts is just me listing things that I love. It’s a favourite from the book as well. The quote about what happened in the dungeon being between Harry and Professor Quirrell, so of course the whole school knows, is one of my favourites from the book so I love that it made it into the film. And aw, love saved Harry (which means that’s what killed Quirrell). Also, Dumbledore doesn’t seem too choked up about a colleague dying in the school, is that not a bit weird?

79. I can understand Dumbledore recognising the taste of vomit when he got that flavour in a Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Bean, but how on earth did he recognise the taste of earwax?!

80. At the end of year feast I think the way Dumbledore says ‘Well done Slytherin, well done Slytherin’ is really weird. Kind of like a record skipping and it bothers me every time I watch it.

81. Dumbledore really should’ve been less obvious with the Gryffindor favouritism here. It’s a bit mean to put up all the Slytherin decorations and then take them away. Also Neville deserves more than 10 points. It takes an awful lot of courage to stand up to people. It’s something else that always bugs me (both here and in the book).

82. I’ve got that family album book that Hagrid gives Harry. It came with the blu-ray/DVD box set we got with all the films in it. It makes me sad that it doesn’t have moving pictures like the real thing.

83. It also makes me smile when I see the end of the film. Not because it’s the end, of course. It’s because of the train and train station. I’ve been there (when I was on holiday in North Yorkshire). I’ve also been in a Harry Potter train and I’ve even got the autograph of the guy who drove the actual Hogwarts Express.

84. And so that’s the end of this, the first Harry Potter film. And I’ve failed at keeping this short. Sorry. It became a tradition to see the Harry Potter films each year as they came out (just as it was to get the books each time a new one came out) and it makes me a little bit sad that I don’t get to experience that new film feeling any more. Soon we’ll even be done with seeing The Hobbit films for the first time. I need more film serials to become obsessed with!

Hopefully I've not bored too many people with my rewatch of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I'm going to go on and watch Chamber of Secrets next. I'm looking forward to splurging all my thoughts as I watch onto my blog but I'm going to try and reign myself in, perhaps we'll get lucky and I'll manage to keep it to just two posts!


  1. I love that Ron got to play the hero too but it always upset me that they took out his best line. "That's chess - you have to make sacrifices!' (paraphrasing)

    1. I know what you mean. It's especially noticeable in the first two films where they tried to stick so close to the actual dialogue of the books, so it sticks out when they miss a particularly good line.


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