Sunday, 1 June 2014

Weekly Rundown: The Tragic Tea Edition

Once again this week has been a short one, and yet at the same time really long. I'm also finding the weekend is going by as quickly as the week went slowly. Does that make sense? I can't believe that I'm already sitting here, having eaten lunch on a Sunday, staring down the barrel of another week!

I suspect that part of the reason for the way the week dragged was because I was unexpectedly ill on Wednesday night and for much of Thursday. It was the worse kind of illness because it crept up on me entirely without warning. I was happily drinking tea and watching The Two Ronnies in bed at around 11pm when suddenly I realised I needed to throw up.

Suffice to say, tea tastes a lot better going down than coming back up!

Thursday mostly involved people telling me that I looked awful, like I should be in bed and, in one particularly memorable contribution, like I should be in one of those Japanese horror films!

By teatime I was feeling a lot better as that's when our new phones showed up. Very exciting.

So aside from throwing up and setting up a shiny new phone I've been doing much the same as usual.

This week's reading material has been Sean Astin's autobiography, There and Back Again: An Actor's Tale. My copy is actually signed by Astin but when I first got it (it was a present from a friend) I struggled to finish it. What I didn't realise was that when I gave up last time it wasn't really that far from the end. It's about 320 pages long and I gave up somewhere around page 200 (I'd left the bookmark in and found it on this reread).

While I still felt many of the same feelings while reading, namely wanting Astin to stop moaning and just be happy for a while, I found this read of it a lot easier. Despite not wanting to take it out of the house for fear of damaging it in my bag I managed to finish it within a week, I got through the last hundred pages yesterday alone.

This week we've also finally managed to watch Criminal Minds again (though not until Friday). I actually had to look up a list of episodes online to figure out where we'd gotten to. I wish DVD series box sets included a list of which episodes were on which discs, it would be so much easier to remember where you'd got to rather than the haphazard guessing to work out where you should be.

I know, I should just stick a slip of paper in the case or whatever to keep track of where I am, but an episode list in the case would be useful.

We're also still watching The Two Ronnies, obviously, as I mentioned it above. This series features Phil Collins and Jenny Agutter appeared in the episode we watched last night as well. In one of the recent episodes they also did a mock Top of the Pops featuring 'Status Who':

As someone who's seen Status Quo numerous times it really made me smile.

I felt like I was missing something when I was writing this post, but it just occurred to me what it was that was missing: a mention of my OU progress. I don't have anything to say because I'm just waiting at the moment. That's not to say I'm not making plans for my graduation. I'm also getting the books from the course before last organised ready to list on eBay, hopefully that'll pay for my outfit for the big day!


  1. Bank Holidays always seem to mess the weeks up, feeling quick or slow. Hope you're feeling much better now

    1. They really do. I don't think it helps that for much of April I had almost every Monday and Friday off which has led to certain expectations now. ;-)

      Feel much better now thanks.

  2. Oh no, hope you are feeling better now. It's never fun when that type of sickness hits.

    1. Thanks, feeling a lot better now thanks. Haven't been brave enough to try drinking tea at bedtime since then though!


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