Sunday, 8 June 2014

Weekly Review

This week has been a mixed bag weather-wise. We’ve gone from days of lovely sunshine to torrential downpours, sometimes in the course of a few hours. Yesterday we got up and took Tara for a walk, making it home just a little bit before it started spotting with rain. By the time we left to go to town for me to get my hair cut it was absolutely chucking it down.

I actually quite like these summer rainstorms. Sure you get a lot of surface water on the roads and it washes all sorts of things onto the paths. But there’s something quite nice and refreshing about being out when it’s still relatively warm, getting splashed with big fat raindrops. That said, it’s slightly less fun when you’ve just had your hair cut and styled and you’re dashing for the car.

Yep, finally got around to getting my hair cut. Something I’ve been desperately in need of for a good few weeks now. I normally run my hair straighteners over my hair before work but it was getting so long that I’d even given up most pretence of trying to do anything with it. Plus my side parting had randomly started to migrate back to the centre of my head. Thankfully the hairdresser got it all back to normal and hopefully I’ll look slightly more presentable at work this week.

Other goings-on this week have included a massive amount of time spent sitting on the bathroom floor (the most rat-proofed room in the house) playing with Yoda and Wicket. They’re getting really hand tame now and, aside from being slightly put out when they’re picked up, we’re getting on great. They’re getting huge now and I’m planning on moving them into their grown-up rat cage next weekend. It’s a bit awkward for getting them out of so I want to be confident that they’ll come when they’re called rather than having to try chasing them all over the place in the thing.

I did make the discovery that Wicket will do almost anything for a piece of sweetcorn. Seriously, it’s like ratty crack! I plan to use this knowledge to my advantage!

I’ve not been home a huge amount in the evenings this week so we’ve not watched very much Criminal Minds. On Friday night we decided (simultaneously, on the spur of the moment) to order Chinese and a Dixie Chicks documentary that Mr Click ordered me had arrived so we watched that. We did catch up on a bit of Criminal Minds yesterday and are all set to watch the last two episodes of the third series this week.

We’ve nearly finished The Two Ronnies; we’re just watching the Christmas specials at the moment. There’s nothing quite so strange as watching Christmas stuff at the beginning of June. It’s a bit weird. I might have to dig out some of these to watch in the run up to Christmas at the end of the year, I might appreciate them a wee bit more then!

After finishing Sean Astin’s There and Back Again, An Actor’s Tale last week I moved on to a beautiful copy of Jabberwocky, a collection of Lewis Carroll’s poetry. I loved reading his poetry as a child (I still have my Complete Illustrated Works of Lewis Carroll on my bookshelf). I don’t read a lot of poetry and reading this is making me wonder why because I do enjoy it. If a novel is like a birthday cake that you look forward to reading and devour over a period of time, a book of poetry is like a platter of cupcakes which you can dip into and keep going back to again and again.

Now I've finished I’m going back to Harry Potter and reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I’m holding off reading books on my Kindle at the moment, just because I’ve got a whole bunch of book-books that deserve my attention. I thought I’d give the ebooks a break for a little while and then return to them in a month or so.

Speaking of books, I’ve finally worked out how to reorganise my Book Lists on my blog. It’s very much a work in progress as it’s involving me going through my book journals (I have three, not counting the one I started for this year) as well as looking up posts on this blog. I’ll have to make sure I’m religious about updating it too, but hopefully it’ll make it easier to keep track of what I’ve said about the books I’ve read (as well as looking back to see how my thoughts have changed on rereads).

And as for the upcoming week?

Well, I’ve got more evenings to myself so I plan to do a lot more reading, a lot more rat entertaining, a lot more blog organising, and hopefully will get to watch quite a bit of Criminal Minds!

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