Sunday, 29 June 2014

Weekly Rundown: The Charity Shopping Edition

Remember how last week I mentioned that our car air conditioning was playing up, resulting in me having a rather painful encounter with a bumblebee. Well, no one on the island was able to whatever it was that was needed to get it working again, so we took a trip to the mainland.

Luckily the garage that can recharge car air conditioning thingies is literally the first left turn when you get off the ferry so we left it there and took advantage of the few hours we were waiting for it to take the bus down to Largs. I was on a mission to find a pair of shoes which will go with a dress I’m borrowing from a friend for an event I’ll be going to soon (and have absolutely nothing suitable to wear to it).

But some of the shops there have yielded particularly good knitting pattern finds in the past, not to mention pretty decent clothing (my much-loved Wonder Woman and Animal tops came from charity shops there). Plus they have a wool shop. An actual wool shop which has a little rotating display of Jean Greenhowe pattern books.

Last time I was there was actually about a year ago and Mr Click treated me to the first Jean Greenhowe Christmas pattern book. So after much deliberation I decided to go for the second Christmas pattern book (partly because at some point I’m going to make the Nativity scene from the first one and will want the donkey from the second one to complete the set). Plus the second one has 40 patterns in and was the same price as some of the ones with far fewer patterns so I went with what I thought was best value for money. ;-)

I’ve recently managed to ruin two of my newest pairs of jeans. They have matching stains on the right thigh. An older pair that I wear for dog walking and training classes already has a stain on one leg, and another pair that Tara caught with a claw and put a hole in so I’ve been desperately in need of some new jeans as I only had one pair left that were still wearable in public. Normally it wouldn’t be such a huge problem, except we’re having another month of dress down at work so I’m kind of wearing jeans every day.

So I picked up two new pairs of jeans. One of which fitted fine in the shop but I evidently lost weight on the way home because when I was walking Tara round the garden the first time I wore them the crotch kept on creeping down towards my knees. I don’t have any belts at the moment, but I’ll have to look one out before I can actually wear them again.

The two top finds of the day have to be Knit Your Own Moustache book which I got for a bargain £1.50, and a pair of shoes that go with the aforementioned dress I’ve borrowed. They’re half a size too big for me, but they’re strappy enough that it doesn’t matter. The decoration on them matches the dress perfectly and they only cost me £3 so absolute bargain!

I ended up having another day off on Friday, unlike the Tuesday day off which was kind of short notice, this one’s been booked for ages. After spending weeks making bit plans for the day involving going for walks and all kinds of other fun things. As things happened I ended up having a pyjama day, which was perfect. I did get some things done, like setting up our new shredder and bringing the boys downstairs in the small cage to share my lunch with me (Wicket tucked into some potato and then buried everything else under paper shreddings).

Saturday was rather less relaxed but it improved as the day went on. I wound up spending most of the day knitting, but more on that tomorrow.

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