Sunday, 22 June 2014

Weekly Rundown: The Bumbly-bee Edition

The air conditioning in our car has been playing up so when we were running Tara out to spend the night at our local kennels on Tuesday we ended up driving along with the window wide open. It was gloriously hot and I’d slipped my cardigan off so it was bunched up behind me. It wasn’t very comfortable so I reached round behind myself to toss it onto the back seat.

At that moment my middle finger on my left hand exploded in agony. And something back there wriggled.

Being the mature, dignified, sensible woman that I am, I responded to this in an appropriate way. I started screaming and crying and trying to unbuckle myself and get out of the car. Needless to say, Mr Click who was driving the car along a winding country road at the time was suitably alarmed.

Once the car had stopped and I had hopped out the bee flew away and Mr Click coaxed me back into it, we turned back the way we came and got my finger wrapped up in a bit of kitchen roll soaked in vinegar. I promptly started craving chips.

The second attempt at dropping Tara off was, thankfully, bee-free. However by this point my finger was pretty swollen and I was starting to feel a bit funny. My hands were all shaky and I just felt generally weird. Luckily an antihistamine helped and within an hour I was feeling much better. Another hour after that and I was back to normal apart from the sore stiff finger.

This was my first time getting stung by a bee and I have to say it’s not an experience that I’m in any way keen to repeat soon. Though I am a little bit disappointed that by the next day I didn’t even have a mark left on me. No war wounds to show off at work the next day!

When I’ve not been getting closer to nature this week I’ve been playing with my new Wreck This Journal as well as working my way through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It’s taken me a little bit longer to get through than I would’ve liked, though once I got to the last quarter I felt like I was able to speed up a bit. Part of that was the fact that I knew I could read late into the night at the weekend without worrying about having to get up early and be sociable the next day.

I managed to finish it yesterday morning after the daylight streaming through our (thick) curtains woke me up. There’s something lovely about lying in bed, reading in that early morning light. I’ve moved on to a book called Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz which is looking at how dogs see the world. My Mum-in-Law let me have it ages ago but I’ve only just got round to reading it. It’s dealing with big scientific concepts but packaged in a nice, easily understandable way so I’m enjoying it.

We’ve also been watching Red Dwarf alongside Criminal Minds. I’m glad that we’ve gone for another comedy following The Ronnies because Criminal Minds can be pretty heavy going at times and it’s nice to go to bed with something a little lighter ringing in your ears. Of course the series of Red Dwarf are just six episodes long so we’ve already made it onto the fourth series. We’ll be finished within the next couple of weeks and then we’ve got Blackadder lined up. It seems apt considering the sad death of Rik Mayall just recently.

I’ve got a trip off the island planned this week so I’m hoping the nice weather lasts for that, as well as a random day off to myself as well. You can bet that none of my plans for the coming week involve spending time with buzzing insects!


  1. I'm so jealous of your Wreck This Journal, my mum and I found them in Waterstones last week and couldn't stop giggling at some of the pages. I need to own one!
    I've never been stung by a bee or a wasp, and now I hope I never am!

    1. I do love my Wreck This Journal. As I can't really draw I'm having to do a lot of cutting and sticking - one of the pages says to collect the letter W so I've been cutting out dozens of Ws from all our junk mail. You should definitely get one, it's good fun. I'm planning on sharing some of my completed pages on here in the next few weeks.

      I definitely wouldn't recommend being stung by anything. Certainly not something I'll be going out of my way to try again in the future!

  2. My top tip would be maybe you shouldn't put honey on your "Wreck My Journal" sticky page! Could be asking for double trouble :( Touching wood as I say this but I have never been stung by a bee and certainly don't wish to have it on my bucket list thanks! I've finally got round to posting some pictures of the little wood in my garden and I promise there are no bees there so please pop over and visit and you can suggest ways to take better pics possibly as I love your photos.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah I'm definitely avoiding anything that might attract bees to my journal. ;-) I think being stung is an experience you should be perfectly happy to avoid your whole life.

      I'll check out your photos, I love looking at other people's pictures. Photography is a pretty new hobby for me but I think you should take loads (and be prepared to throw most of them away), learn which light is best for your pictures, look at photos you like and play around to see if you can get similar ones, and just have fun and experiment. :-)

  3. Oh wow...ouch! I was stung by a bee once that I remember...I stepped on it when I was running around my yard barefoot as a kid! I think hands and feet are the worst because we have so many nerves there. Glad you were able to get the antihistamine in time.

    1. I feel so sorry for kids who have been stung by buzzing things now. At least adults have a better understanding of things hurting, kids, especially young ones, much just find it really painful. At least it does ease relatively quickly.


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