Friday, 21 November 2014

Chapter-by-Chapter: The Hostile Hospital

I nearly didn't get to this post today, I got completely distracted by my Edinburgh Zoo photos (having a great time editing them all and making pretty collages) and then I suddenly remembered that I had to get this done.

Speaking of getting things done. I've sent out emails to let you know when you'll be able to see your post, if you've sent in your survey and I've not sent you an email telling you when it's going live, let me know I don't want to overlook anyone. I was hoping to get that done sooner than I have but things have got on top of me. coughNaNocough

Let's start off looking at the front cover of the next Chapter-by-Chapter read. This one is book eight in The Series of Unfortunate Events and is called The Hostile Hospital. Our front cover shows Klaus and Sunny, in full hospital gear looking over a patient who may or may not be Violet. We can't tell because of that big smiley face, heart-shaped balloon over the patient's face. From what I remember, I think it is Violet.

This time the book's spine is a nice shade of blue and the little boarder down the side is in red with a pulse monitor pattern. I like this one, it's so simple but immediately recognisable. Very clever.

I thought that I remembered quite a bit about this story, but on reflection I remember very little. I know that the Baudelaire's end up in a hospital and obviously from the clue at the end of the last book the Last Chance General Store is going to come into things somewhere.

I think they become some sort of volunteers, and that's where the balloon comes into things. Olaf disguises himself as a crazy doctor and want to do some sort of operation on Violet. And I think there's a fire at the end.

Ack! I really don't remember much more than that.

It's going to make reading it fun anyway. We'll get stuck in next week.

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