Thursday, 20 November 2014

Wreck This Journal: Add Your Own Page Numbers

I’ve been looking forward to showing off this page for ages because it’s a little bit like my W page and I’m quite proud of it. I think next to my W page this is probably my favourite.

The direction for this one is to quite simply add your own page numbers and it points to the bottom corner of the page with the instruction to ‘start here’. I guess that it could basically be telling you to number the pages, but just writing a number in the bottom corner of each page is a little boring.

It was with this page in mind that I started cutting out numbers from all of the junk mail that I received. I’d thought about just sticking random numbers on the bottom corners of each page in the book. In fact, that’s still something I might do because I’ve got a pencil case full of little scraps of paper with numbers on, then again, I’m still adding to this page occasionally so I might wait until this one is full before I start numbering any other pages.

I was fairly indiscriminate about cutting out numbers; I’ve got whole numbers, percentages, fractions, words written in numbers and words written in letters. I was going to sort them out into numerical order and then decided that would be ridiculous so just started sticking them in all the way round the page. And so it became the page you see today.

You see that number 39 in the centre of the O in ‘YOUR’. That actually gave me a bit of a dilemma. I forget where it came from but I couldn’t decide exactly where I should put it. It’s round, and I have a page for circles; it’s got white on it, and I’ve got a page for white things; it’s a sticker, and I’ve got a page for stickers; and it’s got a number on it, and as you can plainly see, I’ve got a page for that too.

A quick post on Facebook solved my problem, which is why I like my Facebook friends, they always have the right answers. A colleague reasoned that it wouldn’t necessarily look round when it was stuck on a page, it’s also technically black as well as white, and the sticky bit wouldn’t be obvious when it was attached to the page. Therefore the only place it could go is on the page numbers page.

How would you decorate this page? Or if you’ve got a copy of Wreck This Journal share how you wrecked it.

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