Sunday, 16 November 2014

Weekly Rundown: Done!

So I kinda hit 50,000 words on Thursday. 50,236 words to be exact. It had been in my sights since the beginning of the week when I reached 40,000 words on Sunday. I had a busy start to the week though so I got by writing around 2,000 words a day (just over in fact) which enabled me to reach the target quite a way ahead of schedule.

The story kind of took a different direction to what I was expecting so I ended up wrapping things up much sooner than I was intending. My characters were so happy and they sort of hooked up sooner than I expected that I decided they could go to Edinburgh and get engaged. The story wasn’t technically over at 50,236 words though so I dragged it out a little way to give them their ‘Happily Every After’ and ended up at 52,252 since that seemed like a good number to stop on.

Although I’m done, I’m not really done.

NaNo Stats as of lunchtime today.
At the beginning of the week I came up with an idea for another story so I think I’m going to go ahead and write that for the rest of the month. After reading Anansi Boys I felt inspired to go back to one of my original ideas: magic realism.

I’ve loved magic realism since before I knew it was a thing and I like to write it too. I like being able to have weird and wonderful things in the world and just have them be accepted. But although I liked the idea of writing magic realism, I couldn’t come up with a story that I could write so I went with just plain realism (of sorts).

Then I got this idea about these identical twins who don’t get on; the only thing they have in common is their face. Until one day a family member inadvertently causes them to be inseparable so they have to learn to get along and compromise until the spell can be broken.

Right now I know nearly nothing about them, but I started writing yesterday and things are going well so far. I actually kind of fell in love with my opening paragraphs and managed to get 1,500 words without really trying. It’s the sort of story that I’d like to read myself so I think that’s why I’m enjoying it so much.

And since I didn't plan any of it it's a bit of a voyage of discovery. There's this fantastic character called Grandma Wiltshire who speaks gobbledegook when her family is around, but is fairly normal when discussing things with her frenemy who lives next door. Oh and she's a witch.

When I’ve not been writing crazy amounts of a story for NaNo I’ve been reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I was hoping to finish it this weekend, not least because it’s a massive book to be carrying around with me every day, but also because I’ve still got a stack of Christmassy books to get through before December 25th as well as my reread of The Hobbit before we go see the final film in the cinema, but then I realised I actually have two hundred pages left to read instead of one hundred so I think I'll be reading it for a few more days yet.

We’ve also been watching our Christmasy DVDs and films. We finished up the Not-Quite-Christmas films with Holiday Inn which is a lovely film (despite being rather politically incorrect) before moving onto Merry Christmas Mr Bean (which I didn’t find quite so annoying this year, these repeated viewings must be making me immune to it) and Blackadder’s Christmas Carol.

Friday evening saw us watching It’s A Wonderful Life, during which I got rather hung up on the fact that George Bailey’s never having been born has such massive effects on the world that his not being born actually changes the weather! And then yesterday it was the first two Home Alone films. We’ve had to start watching these Christmas films early so we have time to get through them all.

This week I’m hoping for rather more nights in than I had last week. Obviously I’ll still be NaNoing, I’m aiming for another 2,000 words per day on this new story (which I’m tentatively calling Inseparable), though to hit 100,000 it needs to be more like 3,000 per day. I’ve not done a double NaNo before so this’ll be interesting, especially as I’m not normally so good at the whole Pantsing thing!

Check back next week to see how I’m doing.


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