Sunday, 9 November 2014

Weekly Rundown: Second Sunday of NaNo

I’m going to keep this fairly brief this week since every word I write here is one less that I’m writing for NaNo. Speaking of NaNo, I’m doing pretty well with it right now though I am sort of heading into my second week slump right now.

I managed to break the halfway point on Thursday. I was aiming to get to 25,000 but made it as far as 28,021. I was getting a bit bored of writing the bit of the story in the summer since the weather here is decidedly unsummery so I’ve skipped ahead to Christmas. I’m definitely in a Christmas mood at the moment.

Romance seems to be creeping into my story a little more than I was expecting and Christmas is way more romantic than summer, so that’s my excuse. It’s working because as of yesterday I’ve made it up to 37,400 words and that figure has already risen by nearly a thousand in the last half hour.

I've just decided to go with the flow and see where the story takes me. I'm sure that things will actually start wrapping up soon, which I'm not too worried about. I'll either see what could happen to Matt and Tabitha next (they've fallen absolutely head over heals in love with each other which wasn't supposed to happen until somewhere near the end) and throw in some new conflict to draw things out. Or I'll start a second NaNovel and see if I can get 50,000 words out of the magic realism story idea I came up with in bed this morning.

This Christmas mood may have been prompted by the start of our Not-Quite-Christmas film viewing. We’ve worked out way through Love Actually and When Harry Met Sally, took a brief pit stop for The Wizard of Oz and Ballet Shoes then moved on to Hogfather which we watched over two nights this week.

As of yesterday we’ve been watching the last few films that feature Christmas (or traditionally aired around about Christmas time), those being Bridget Jones’s Diary, The Holiday and Holiday Inn. Considering we’ve got over thirty Christmas films (and not enough days in the month to watch them all) I suspect we’ll be moving onto the Christmas selection pretty soon.

I’ve also ordered a bunch of cross stitch supplies. I finally finished the Christmas decoration that I picked up the other week in Edinburgh and so have spent the last couple of days sorting through over one hundred skeins of thread. I’ve still got a cushion cover that Mr Click got me from Cancer Research when I first started cross stitching a few weeks back but since Christmas is coming up I’m putting that on the back burner until I’ve made some nice Christmas cards.

Keep an eye on here to see how I get on with those.

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