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Film Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Part 3

As you're reading this I'm frantically trying to get the house organised ready for putting the decorations up on Monday. I say this like we have a lot of work to do. We don't. The main task is clearing the windowsills of knitted toys in order to make room for knitted Santa and other assorted Christmassy things.

Tomorrow we're off to Edinburgh and I'm in search of yet another Christmas decoration to add to the collection as well. But you're not here to read about this, it's a post about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince after all.

Last week Harry was rescued by the lovely Luna, Harry found a book that made him better at Potions than Hermione, Katie Bell got cursed and it was probably Draco that did it. Woooooooo!

This week Ron's not so bad at Quidditch, Slughorn has a party, Mr Weasley is the coolest dad in the world, and Harry can't get Slughorn to tell him about his memory of Tom Riddle.

61. Poor Hermione at Slughorn’s party, bringing up the dangers of Muggle dentistry.

62. Hehe, Harry’s sudden attack of etiquette at Ginny’s arrival.

63. Slughorn kind of has a roll of honour of all the students he’s ‘collected’. He’s quite open about which ones he’s hoping to collect from the current batch. And then the conversation turns to Voldemort and we’re reminded once more of similarities between Harry and Voldemort.

64. Poor Ron. You know he’s nervous considering how he usually tucks into his food.

65. Luna’s hat really is something else. I wonder if I could get away with one of those.

66. The liquid luck thing plays out brilliantly. It’s another of those snapshot type things that I love about this film and which I feel could’ve been done to better effect in the fourth film.

67. I do kind of wish they’d thrown in some of Luna’s commentary on the match, purely for entertainment value.

68. Hermione is totally busted on the Confundus charm. And oh look, Ron and Lavender sucking face. Poor Hermione.

69. So much of these teenage angst moments could be solved by just actually talking to each other. They obviously are destined to be together, they just need to say it out loud. I realise this would take away the conflict and stuff but still, I just like people who love each other to be together.

70. Ron and Lavender choose entirely the wrong moment to show up and Hermione does not take it well. Also, I really like her t-shirt/long-sleeve top combo she’s got on. It’s the sort of thing I’d wear.

71. And now we’re getting ready for Christmas. Ron is now apparently an expert in love and Hermione is rather upset about not having him as her date. Hermione is spending rather a lot of time hitting people with books and things in this film.

72. Luna is totally a cool person to invite to Slughorn’s party. And I like the random things she comes out with. Wearing shoes to bed is perfectly acceptable if you sleepwalk, doesn’t explain why she wanders around outside during the day barefoot though.

73. Draco’s working on the vanishing cabinet. Either it’s starting to work, or it needs to be fed apples.
Hermione is clearly regretting her choice of date. Cormac clearly regrets eating the dragon balls. And Snape is just generally Snape and wonderful.

74. Then Draco shows up and there seems to be some tension between he and Snape. And guess who is eavesdropping on this little scene…

75. Ron helps us understand the finer points of Unbreakable Vows. They can’t be broken apparently. Just in case you were struggling to figure that one out.

76. Oh and Ron is getting a bit fed up with Lavender. So’s Hermione as well… well, with both of them.

77. Oh Lupin, just listen to Harry. He’s usually right about these things and it’ll save time.

78. Mr Weasley is such an awesome dad, he totally knows that Ginny and Harry like each other. Ron, not so awesome, as he parks himself right in between the two lovebirds.

79. Speaking of Mr Weasley, I love his shed. Each time I watch this bit I spot other little bits and pieces that I’ve not noticed in there before; printers, blenders, radios.

80. One thing that we really don’t get to see enough of in either the books or the films is Lupin and Tonks. They’re a lovely couple and I always want to know more about them.

81. Considering Ginny goes out with like, half the boys in Hogwarts, she’s really not so hot at the flirting thing. Seriously? Shoelace! That’s not the best chat up line. Despite this they do go in for a kiss before Bellatrix and other assorted death eaters show up to ruin things for them. Ginny has to realise that running out after your boyfriend when there are people around who want to kill you maybe isn’t the most sensible thing to do.

82. Also why does Ginny need Harry to show up and protect her from Greyback. She’s awesome with the Reducto curse.

83. Seeing The Burrow on fire makes me so sad. Poor Weasleys. Though they’re all magic people so they should be able to just put everything right again okay. Still sad though.

84. Lavender is as annoying as ever. Won-Won. Really? Ron does not seem any more impressed about it than Hermione does.

85. Oh look, it’s the young serial killer again. I like how the fact that Riddle knew what Slughorn’s favourite sweet was gives us a little nod towards his Legilimency skills.

86. The idea of changing memories fascinates me. It makes me think of all those things that you think you remember in one way, but which when you go back to them again you realise you’re muddling them up. Anyway, Harry’s been tasked to retrieve the real memory.

87. Harry’s approach to get the real memory involves going to see Slughorn and repeating what Riddle said virtually word for word. This clearly raises alarm bells for Slughorn and when Harry mentions Riddle’s name he upsets the guy and it’s obvious that he’s not going to get anything else from him.

88. Doesn’t stop him trying though.

And that's where we'll stop for this week.

Next week is the penultimate part of this film's not-really-a-live-blog review where we will see Harry save Ron's life, almost kill Draco, and retrieve the memory from Slughorn. Bit of a busy spell for Harry there.

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