Thursday, 13 November 2014

Finish This Book: Warm Up

I haven’t done anything with my Finish This Book since I started NaNo… before that even as I would normally play with it on a Saturday and the Saturday before NaNo started I was away in Edinburgh. I’m still a few weeks ahead for these posts but I really need to get on top of it or I won’t have anything to blog about!

After the page that asks you to research the definition of ‘sleuth’ we come to the Secret Intelligence Training section. This is some sort of instruction manual which seems designed to teach you how to become the sort of sleuth we were just researching. The first section of this is a warm up activity.

You’re given a page and are told to fill it up. It does suggest that you might like to try something new, just like any good sleuth.

Luckily my Wreck This Journal gave me plenty of preparation for tackling this page. I decided against doing anything too drastic so I drew pencil lines across the page and then deliberately ignored them. Oh and I changed pen colour after every word, I would’ve done it after every letter but that would’ve taken me forever.

The writing says:

decided to
tackle this page
by writing on it
rather than doing another
drawing because that bench picture
took me days to do. It’s been years
since I played with felt pens and wrote
every word in a different colour. It’s taking ages
but I think it looks bright, colourful and fun.
I also drew in lines in pencil which I’m completely
ignoring because at school I was always told to make 
sure I kept my words on the lines; the instructions for this
page say to try something new so I’m kind of trying two things.
Neither thing is really new to me because they’re things I would’ve done.
They might not have been new twenty years ago but they’re things I’ve 
learned not to do on the way to being an adult.
Now I’m trying to break some of those habits which is why I picked up
Wreck This Journal and Finish This Book because they encourage you
to play with books and do things you spend years being told not to do.
I’m slowly getting the hand of these books and the weird and
wonderful things they ask me to do. I’m coming to terms
with the idea of cutting out pages, taking them to weird
places and writing in them. I’ve been writing in books
for years on and off but now I’m exploring
new ways to make my mark on these
I’m impressed with how this
page has turned out. It’s a 
bit tricky to read but
it looks really busy
and kind of

I’m not going to reproduce the colours because I suspect that would give me a bit of a headache!

Did you ever do that thing when you were younger where you wrote every word or letter in a different colour? I used to all the time so it was good fun to do that again with this page.

I like how the activities in these books kind of gradually loosen you up so you’re ready to try the bigger things without finding it too silly or weird. I think these books are definitely helping me get in touch with my inner child.

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