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Film Review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Part 4

Another Saturday, another film review post. Obviously I’m back from Edinburgh now, but check in tomorrow to see how that went. Also think happen NaNo thoughts seeing as today is the 1st of November which can only mean one thing! Hopefully while you’re reading this I’ve already managed to pound out a few thousand words, especially as I’m aiming for a 10k day to kick of NaNo with a bang!

Last week’s film review saw the downfall of Dumbledore’s Army along with the disappearance of Dumbledore; now we’re going to have a bit of post-exam celebration whilst the exams are still in session and a field trip to the Ministry of Magic for some of the Hogwarts students.

115. As Cho’s the one who turned everyone in, no one wants to talk to her. She clearly feels bad but no one wants anything to do with her. Can’t really blame them when they’re having to spend their evenings being tortured.

116. Now Harry’s feeling a bit more Angsty. He’s thinking about ‘going it alone’. This train of thought is interrupted by Hagrid who leads them off into the dark. So much of these films takes place in the dark and it makes it hard to see what’s going on when there’s a bit of daylight outside because all I can see in the TV is myself!

117. Side note: I really like Hermione’s hoody with the Gryffindor colours in the stripes. I’d wear something like that myself, though I’m definitely a Ravenclaw so it’d need to be blue and bronze.

118. Hagrid thinks he’s going to be sacked soon so he takes the gang out to the Forbidden Forest, after noting the Centaurs being on the move, he introduces them to Grawp, his brother.

119. Grawp takes a shine to Hermione and grabs her. At least he’s gentler with her than he has been with Hagrid. Hermione’s comment about Grawp needing a firm hand is clearly referencing Ron, right?

120. Grawp gives Hermione a gift of some bike handlebars to play with the bell for him. He’s quite sweet really. Ron actually looks kind of jealous.

121. When Hagrid mentions being Grawp’s only family Harry flashes back to his parents. This is a clever jump back to Harry’s Legilimens lessons with Snape and we get a snap of baby!Harry from the first film before he snaps out of it.

122. Snape keeps pushing Harry which doesn’t seem to be a very effective way of getting Harry to stop letting people read his thoughts. Surely they could have some up with a better technique. Anyway, this gives us a chance to see Snape’s Worst Memory with Harry’s Dad and crew picking on Snape. Personally I think James Potter looks more like Cedric than Harry; young Snape looks the part though. Snape’s understandably pissed at Harry seeing this and throws Harry out.

123. Harry then stumbles across Fred and George comforting a boy who’s obviously had an Umbridge detention. This is where they decide to leave Hogwarts but don’t do anything about it right away.

124. Not until the OWL exams are going on, overseen by Umbridge of course, and there are a whole bunch of bangs from outside the room. Umbridge investigates and finds a firework, followed by Fred and George who go wild blowing papers away and setting off more fireworks. This is funny, but I’d be a bit annoyed about having an important exam paper messed up. Hermione does not seem particularly concerned about this however which just goes to show just how bad life under Umbridge is.

125. There’s a dragon firework straight out of Lord of the Rings and then all the educational decrees get obliterated around Umbridge. Fred and George then leave to much celebration. Professor Flitwick does a little ‘yes’ as well while everyone else celebrates.

126. And in the midst of all the celebrating, Harry collapses with a vision of Sirius and Voldemort. And now it all comes out – the department of mysteries, the prophecy, everything. No one else seems very concerned about Harry’s dropping to the floor.

127. Hermione thinks it’s a trap. Harry’s not so sure. The only way to check this is to use the Floo Network to try to make contact with Sirius. I’m glad they didn’t do the thing with the mirror in the film because it always annoyed me that Harry didn’t remember it until the very end.

128. Umbridge finds them before they can try. She gets physical trying to make Harry talk. Snape is summoned but he has no more Veritaserum because Umbridge used it on Cho – that’s why she talked!

129. Harry tries to pass on a message to Snape, talking about Padfoot. Snape plays dumb and after he leaves Umbridge prepares to use the Cruciatus curse on Harry. To prevent this Hermione tells Umbridge that Dumbledore has a secret weapon. From Ron’s expression this is obviously news to him, luckily Umbridge isn’t looking at him.

130. And so Hermione and Harry lead her into the Forbidden Forest towards Grawp. Except he’s gone. Umbridge has a bit of a temper tantrum at this; apparently she hates children which clearly made her the best choice to send to work in a school full of them!

131. Then the Centaurs show up. They don’t seem to like Umbridge any more than anyone else, can’t really blame them. Her approach to negotiation sucks. She’s really losing it now but Grawp shows up before she can do too much damage.

132. Umbridge is hauled off by the Centaurs. I love how Harry refuses to help her by saying ‘I must not tell lies’. Well that came back to bite you, didn’t it Umbridge.

133. Harry and Hermione are able to escape where they run into Ron, Luna, Neville and Ginny. Ron tricked the Inquisitorial Squad into eating some Puking Pastilles. Hermione is impressed.

134. Luna solves the problem of getting to London. They fly there on the creepy skeletal horse things that only two members of the group can actually see. It’s not actually addressed how those of the group who can’t see the things feel about this.

135. And soon we’re inside the Ministry at the Department of Mysteries. I like this bit in the book and I wish they hadn’t left out the other rooms, going straight into the hall with the prophecies. I liked the whole thing about memories leaving the deepest scars when Ron gets attacked by the brain things.

136. The prophecy room is dark and quiet. It’s becoming clear that they have in fact been tricked. Then Neville spots a prophecy with Harry’s name on it. I wonder how clear this stuff is to people who haven’t read the book. The prophecy says that someone will vanquish the Dark Lord and that neither can live while the other survives. It’s Emma Thompson’s voice even if it’s not outright stated to be Trelawney.

137. And then Lucius shows up to take the prophecy, joined by his crazy sister-in-law. Neville gets a bit gutsy here, deciding he’s the one who should take out Bellatrix. This all starts in the dark but gradually gets a creepy blue light as everyone’s wands start glowing a bit more.

138. It’s revealed only those who are mentioned by a prophecy can retrieve them. Lucius gives us a whole bit of exposition about how important the prophecy is.

And that’s where I’m going to leave this, just to be awkward.

Next week will be the final post for this film review and will see Voldemort in the Ministry of Magic, Harry almost die, Sirius actually die, and Dumbledore finally make eye contact with Harry. Exciting stuff!

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