Monday, 23 March 2015

#AtoZChallenge: Theme Reveal

It’s that time again! The A to Z Challenge is upon us! In less than ten days the blogosphere will explode with a whole host of bloggers posting a whole alphabet of posts on a variety of syllabary subjects.

And I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. Of course.

Today is theme reveal day. It’s been mentioned in the past that following a theme can make the blogging process easier during the A to Z Challenge (it can also make it trickier, there are certain subjects that don’t lend themselves well to blogging through the alphabet, especially when you’re blogging about a subject that doesn’t use a particular letter).

Last year I went for an easy option and did an A to Z of songs I liked. This year I considered books, films, authors, rehashing the song theme I did last year, but none of them really struck me as being anything interesting enough to keep my attention through the whole month.

And then I remembered my first A to Z Challenge. The one where I blogged about infertility. It’s not a topic I’ve mentioned too much recently because things were kind of on hold for a while.

But we’re getting started again, quite soon, and I decided that it was as good a time as any to blog about it again. Hence my choice of topic.

So for this year’s A to Z Challenge you can expect to see twenty-six blog posts on the subject of IVF/ICSI.

It’ll be a magical tour through some of the processes we went through last time and, depending on how the appointment we have later this week goes, maybe some of the things we’ll be going through during April as well.

Expect laughs, tears and possibly more information about the workings of reproductive medicine than you ever wanted to know. It’ll be great.

See you in April!


  1. Here's hoping that it'll all be academic as you'll be busy with child...

    1. I've already started writing my posts because all being well, we'll be getting very busy with the whole thing next month. Fingers crossed!

  2. What better way to showcase issues dear to your heart and to inform others about things that are important. Best wishes for April!

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thanks for stopping by. It's quite convenient because the end of April is Infertility Awareness Week as well, so definitely a good time to talk about fertility treatment. :-)


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