Thursday, 26 March 2015

Wreck This Journal: Collect Fruit Stickers Here

It’s been a little while since I shared this page (back in September last year), to be honest, it’s the page I’ve done the most work on recently since for the last week or two I’ve been focusing on my Finish This Book instead (when I can) and I’ve also been knitting more on evenings as well. I can only do some many things, so my Wreck This Journal is being a little bit neglected.

I’m thinking I might start work on one of the pages that I’ve not tried before, rather than continuing with one of the pages I’ve already started. I think jumping into something new my kick start me into being a bit more creative with it, instead of returning to the same old pages time and time again.

How the page looked last time I shared it...
But anyway, this page has seen more action because I’ve been trying to eat healthier and this means taking fruit to work for my morning and afternoon snack. In the morning I’m eating fruit and jelly pots which don’t have stickers on, but in the afternoon I usually have a banana. Usually one in the bunch will have a sticker, which is why my COLLECT FRUIT STICKERS HERE page is starting to look like this:

... and how it looked on the 15th of March this year.
I usually just stick the stickers wherever I feel like it, but the banana ones seem to be grouping together down the left hand side.

We’ve been having apples at home as well, but surprisingly few of those have labels on them. It’s a little disappointing when you get a bag of fruit and you only get one sticker. Or perhaps that’s just for people like me who are obsessed with adding to their fruit stickers page.

I kind of wonder what my colleagues make of it, when they see me settle down in the canteen and start trying to peel a label off my banana, then root around in my bag for a few minutes and spend a few more trying to find the page to stick the label onto. It’s the sort of thing you’d do when you were little. I knew kids who had fruit stickers all over their lunch boxes (I didn’t, mine was a Care Bears one and I didn’t want to spoil the picture).

It’s kind of nice to have a visual way of seeing how much fruit you’re eating. I’m enjoying watching this page grow and I can’t wait until you can’t see any of the original page between the stickers. I’ve got a way to go until then though.


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    1. It's really good fun. I'm constantly on the look out for fruit with stickers on it.


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