Sunday, 29 March 2015

Weekly Rundown: Wet Walk & Another Appointment

This was originally just going to be a post about my trip to Glasgow on Friday for another hospital appointment, but then on Thursday morning I took Tara for one of our new and improved early morning walks and we got drenched. I thought it deserved a mention, purely for the picture below:

Look at that face! You can just hear her asking ‘why me mummy?’ She is so wet that her fur is just clinging to her sides making her look about half the size than she actually is as well.

Labradors are supposed to like water, and Tara is no exception, as long as that water is on the ground. Puddles and the sea at the beach is all good. The shower and rain is not good because she doesn’t like the water actually touching her face. So a torrential downpour, whilst walking under trees is a not good thing.

As soon as I opened the door on Thursday morning Tara headed out onto the patio in the rain, stopped and looked back on me with this look on her face like ‘you cannot expect me to go out in this’. I did. And we toddled home half an hour later looking like drowned rats.
I suffered too. My jeans were wet right up to the tops of the legs. And it took until lunchtime to warm up again.

On the whole it was a pretty nice walk.

Then on Friday we had a trip to Glasgow for our next hospital appointment. I was slightly alarmed when we were arrived and were told that we weren’t in the book. Luckily we showed off our appointment letter and soon had a lovely nurse come out to see us.

We went over all of my test results (that they had back) and got information about the protocol I’ll almost certainly be on. I really enjoyed having the whole process explained over again because I can’t help but feel I’ve spent so much time looking up information online that I’ve lost touch with what it actually involves. I was able to ask questions and have them answered which helped to make some things clear for me (like just how they go about collecting the eggs on retrieval day).

There were a whole bunch of forms to fill in and then we got our dates for when everything will kick off. I was hoping for April to start but it doesn’t look as though my dates are going to work out for then. So we’ll be having another appointment in May and then it’ll be all systems go once we hit June.

And to celebrate afterwards we went for all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet and then I splurged my winnings from the horse racing sweepstake the other week on two new notebooks.

The one on the left is my new journal while the one on my right will be my new book journal. I was going to just go for a plain black one, but they had lots of pretty colours and I decided that the time had come to branch out into brighter book journals.

I’ve got a while yet before I start using either one. I’m about twenty books away from the end of my current book journal. I’ll get to my new journal-journal just as soon as I’m done with the old one.

This week I'm trying to get ahead of my blogging for April. I've got posts planned for every letter except Y and Z now, so I foresee some time spent perusing dictionaries and lists of words for inspiration. I've got my first week of A to Z posts written so hopefully I'll be able to use the Easter weekend to get well and truly organised.

I'm looking forward to April hitting and getting stuck into reading lots of new blogs!


  1. Aww Tara! Bless hehe

    Good luck with everything :)

    1. Hehe, she does look rather like she's auditioning for a Dog's Trust advert in that picture, doesn't she?

      And thank you. :-)

  2. lol Poor dog. That face is priceless. Nice notebook.

    1. I see this face way too often, whenever she thinks she hasn't been fed enough, cuddled enough, walked enough, etc. ;-)

  3. Awww, a nice walk in the rain. I miss rain...

    1. You can have some of ours. It's been non-stop since Thursday (more or less). For a change this week we've had hail, sleet and snow as well!


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