Friday, 13 March 2015

Chapter-by-Chapter: The Penultimate Peril

Just the one blog post today, since we finished The Grim Grotto yesterday and I like to start a new book at the beginning of the week. Besides, if I do a blog post about my trip to Glasgow today I’ll have nearly nothing to talk about on Sunday!

It is Friday the Thirteenth though, that makes me feel like I should be doing more Series of Unfortunate Events blogging. Oh well, we've got another one in November, perhaps I'll have to celebrate that one with something ASoUE-themed...

So, the twelfth, and second from last book in A Series of Unfortunate Events is called The Penultimate Peril because it’s the penultimate book, see what they did there?

This one harkens back to the first book with a flame red spine and a flame decoration on the border. The flame border is blue, but it’s fairly obvious that it’s a fire pattern. This is added to by the picture on the back cover which shows a burning building. Before you even start this book you know that the place is going to go up in flames!

Remember the hat on the beach at the end of The Grim Grotto? Well the Baudelaires have one each. All three of them are at the Concierge desk wearing dark glasses and red uniforms. They’re surrounded by all manner of shady looking figures, both men and women.

One of the women has a large pink hat with a feather in it, at the end of the feather is an eye. I can’t see any other eyes on the clothes the other people are wearing though.

I know that this story takes place at the Hotel Denouement which has a funny system of numbering its rooms. Obviously the Baudelaires go undercover as hotel staff. I think that there’s a V.F.D. gathering but there’s no knowing which people are good guys, which are bad and which are like chef’s salads.

And obviously, there’s a fire at the end.

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