Thursday, 19 March 2015

Finish This Book: Memory Exercise

Once I got the Attention Skills page out of the way, my progress through Finish This Book picked up a great deal. It’s silly that I let myself get so hung up over one page. I was determined to make up for lost time and so whizzed through several pages in quick succession after I got the one that was holding me up out of the way.

The Memory Exercise page is the second to last activity in the Secret Intelligence Training section. You have a black and white photo to look at for a few minutes and then you’re expected to cover it and make notes on what you have seen.

I love things like this. I have a freaky kind of memory, which does come in handy at times, this being one of those moments (I can also picture my holiday schedule from the calendar on my desk at work, also useful when you need to work out dates for things).

The picture looks like the sort of thing you would get printed in a Series of Unfortunate Events book. It looks kind of old-fashioned and there’s something a little bit creepy when you look at it like this, taken entirely out of context.

I made the following notes:

A photo of two men & two children outside a building with five steps leading up to an area with a supporting post. The man on the left has curly hair, glasses & a rounded belt buckle, he holds the hand of a little boy in a white sailor-style outfit with the neck tie loosened. The other man wears a suit & holds the other child who is wearing sandals & may be a girl. There are plants to either side of them.

I actually could’ve written more about it at the time but I ran out of space on the page.

I’m curious to see whether this photo will crop up again in the book or if this exercise will be brought up later on. I kind of hope it does because I like to stretch my memory like this.

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