Thursday, 23 May 2013

Day Zero Project: Buy A New Bookcase

When we moved into our house all of my books lived in boxes upstairs in the spare bedroom. Pretty much top of my list of new furniture was a bookcase for them to live in (even before we got a washing machine, which tells you something about my priorities regarding these matters). We had one narrow bookcase which Mr Click suggested we use for our DVDs, so we were lucky to pick up a second hand one which matched the narrow one quite well (which has proved useful considering they now stand side by side in our front lobby).

It was perfect and held roughly half of my books. But the problem was I had to regularly rearrange the shelves so that what I wanted to read was on the shelf and what I wasn't planning on reading for a while was back upstairs in the boxes.

We kept on looking back at the Pass It On place where we got that bookcase but we weren't having much luck so it just went on the list as something to get in the future. And then we found it!

When I first saw it, I wasn't entirely sure that it was what we needed. I didn't have any worry about it not matching the other bookcase because none of our stuff matches, but I was worried it wouldn't hold as many books. The original plan had been to get a bookcase to go alongside the original, but as it became apparent that we weren't going to get something in a similar style we kind of changed our minds.

I blogged about the musical rooms approach we took to rearranging the furniture in my Changing Rooms post so I won't repeat myself here. What we did do was take the DVD cupboard from the front lobby (seen to the left of the photo above) and turned it into a book cupboard which gave us a little bit more storage space for books. I still have several boxes of books upstairs in the spare bedroom but that's mostly because I keep on buying more!

The bookcase wasn't quite what we were thought we wanted, but it's exactly right for us. It holds two rows of books, plus one of the drawers holds cookery books and the other one holds my OU stuff (which means it's not just dumped on the floor beside the bookcase any more). It was clearly designed for us because there's even space for the Wii Fit board underneath.

I'd quite like to get another bookcase at some point in the future, but it's not really top of my priority list now. At least it's another thing I can tick off my Day Zero Project list!


  1. That is a lovely book case. I like that it has drawers too.

    1. The drawers are really useful. I'd been a bit unsure about them, but it's so nice to have a drawer where I can keep all my magazines, OU stuff, course books and folders, medical stuff and other bits and pieces. The shelves are so deep as well. It's perfect!

  2. I love these book-shelves. I love any book-shelf actually. I need to get a new one soon too because my books are beginning to overflow..

    1. It's a lovely bookcase. It was actually being used in the shop shortly before we bought it, it still had a sticker on it saying 'Videos 3 for £1', hehe.

      I'm quite glad that I took the plunge to get a Kindle because that's slowed down my bookshelf space problem a little bit, not a huge about, but a little bit. ;-)


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