Sunday, 5 May 2013

Got the cold

No Project 52 post today because I'm currently in bed hanging with a cold. My body, knowing this was a bank holiday weekend, decided this was the perfect time for achey joints, scratchy throat and haywire body temperature.

To avoid passing this onto my in-laws we're staying home, though because they love us they've played us up our roast dinners so we're not missing out. Tara is totally bemused by the fact that it's almost lunch time and I'm still in bed, she keeps getting up and groaning then flopping down again. I think she's saying "woman! Look at the time!"

On the plus side, I'm too poorly to concentrate on my OU, but knitting is the perfect mindless distraction. As you can see above, Grandma Humpty Dumpty is all finished (she'll get a post of her own later) and I'm about to start work on a hedgehog... Though I might need a nap to recoup some of my energy, this sitting up and being conscious thing is exhausting!

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