Wednesday, 8 May 2013

TMA 05 Word Cloud

I've not had my marks back for my last TMA yet and I'm currently cramming the last few chapters of the course ready for the next assignment as well as for the exam next month. I thought I'd share the word cloud for my last assignment while I'm waiting (and working).

I'm really pleased that the word 'city' is the largest one in the cloud because that's kind of what the theme of the essay was. I had to pick from two different texts; the choices were a James Joyce story from Dubliners, the film Metropolis and three poems/prose from the New York section of the book.

As keen as I was to write about Metropolis, I stuck to writing about actual text-texts mainly because I thought that I'd found a good link between them looking at the theme of escape. I probably could have made more of that because it's not showing up in this word cloud.

I'm curious to see what my results for this will be. I get the impression that this essay will prove to be useful for the actual exam. I need to get cracking on with that revision now!


  1. I need to check out the word cloud thing. You see them around. I'll google it.

    Best of luck on the exams.

    1. They're good fun, the common one is Wordle but I can't get it to work on my laptop for some reason.

      And thank you. :-)

  2. Only five weeks to go! (Just to scare you x)

    1. That's okay, I've been making Othello-themed flashcards this weekend, nothing can scare me now! ;-p


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