Monday, 27 May 2013

Pretty Puppy

When we got Tara she had a pretty red collar, which I think really suited her. It was nice and bright and stood out well against her black fur.

But it started getting a bit worn out so we replaced it, this time with a black one from our local pet shop. It wasn't anything fancy but it did the trick.

We've been to Pets at Home a couple of times recently and I liked looking at the different collars. The problem was, before our shopping trip we forgot to measure her neck so couldn't be certain that we would get the right size for her.

I'd been leaning towards a green coloured collar with a sort of snake-skin effect on it. It had little silver bones on, like her old red one. As much as I wanted to get her a sparkly pink one, Mr Click was very strict about 'no bling'.

In the end we got one from eBay, something a little bit designer because we're crazy people who spoil our pets.

The problem we had with her last one was that you'd end up with a big flappy bit of collar once it was fastened. Tara could grab it and it didn't look so smart.

This one is from a brand called Quido Petz and fastens with a buckle. It's a lot more adjustable than the last collar and the woman on the eBay shop was really helpful to make sure Mr Click got the right size.

We were going to get one which was decorated with little black Labradors but that was out of stock in Tara's size. Personally I prefer the blue paisley sort of pattern, the silver makes it look a little bit fancy and somehow it makes our Tup-Tup-pup look a little more grown up.

Sort of.

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