Friday, 24 May 2013

Special Purchase

Do you have one particular product that you buy from one brand, forsaking all others?

I'm generally a budget shopper. When it comes to food we get Lidl or Aldi lemonade (at a whopping 18p per bottle) over Barrs, own brand cornflakes over Kellogg's, and loo roll is loo roll. My clothes come from Matalan or Tesco or charity shops.

But I do have to make an exception for one particular article of clothing.

Underwear. Especially bras! It's something you're going to be wearing all day everyday and you want something comfortable. Plus, once I have a favourite item of clothing I'll wear it until it falls apart.

Which is why this week we had a little shopping spree on the M&S online store. And now I'm enjoying my purchases (I was very restrained but I'm already planning my next buy).

Though is it just me or have things got a bit more complicated in the bra department than they used to be. There's so much choice, not only colours and styles but they have all sorts of special features too. I'm not just talking padding or underwire here, I mean side slings and cool comfort technology.

Whatever they are, they've confirmed why I pick M&S over everyone else. They're comfy, good value for money and if they're anything like my last ones, they'll probably last a good long time. And they don't leave big red marks on me when I take them off (I'm allergic to something in the New Look bras I bought last year).

So is there anything that you only ever get from one place? What's the reason why?


  1. I'm a Victoria Secret kind of gal when it comes to bras. I've never found another brand that fits. They do come dear but they are worth it.

    1. Speaking to a few people and it seems like, for women particularly, that's one thing that they have one favourite place to shop from.

      Some things are definitely worth spending a little bit extra on purely for comfort. :-)

  2. I'm a budget shopper as well. One thing, though, that I buy from more or less the same place is books from amazon. And I go back over and over for good deals on good reads.

    Great blog. Enjoyed being here form the A-Z Road Trip.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

    1. I try to buy books from all over the place, but Amazon does tend to get a bit of my money. We get lots of DVDs and TV series from there because they're so cheap and are very quick to deliver.

      And when it comes to craft stuff, like knitting, then it's generally eBay, though I try to support our local wool shop too, it's just sometimes they don't have the same choice. :-)


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