Sunday, 12 May 2013

Project 52: Weeks 18 & 19 - Worn Out & Listening

I'm still dying of the cold right now. I was supposed to be Red Crossing this afternoon, making sure that anyone who was injured during our local triathlon was patched up and sent on their way. Unfortunately the cold has moved from my throat to my nose and sinuses (which hopefully means it's working its way out of my system) so after walking the dog all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and go to sleep.

Instead I came to my in-laws' and lounged on their sofa until lunch, at which point (thankfully) the cold and flu capsules kicked in and I found myself feeling slightly more human.

Not having felt one hundred percent for over a week, I have to admit that my photos for last week and this week aren't really great. That said, they're better than some of my more recent attempts, I just didn't put that much effort into them.

Week 18's theme was Worn Out and I knew as soon as I saw it that Tara would be my model. She does worn out so well. I wish I could have made a video of her instead of taking a photo because a picture doesn't capture the thump as she throws her exhausted butt onto the floor, or the deep sigh to let us know that she's not got the energy to remain upright any more.

Week 18: Worn Out
She'll sleep pretty much anywhere and in any position (although lying on her back with her legs in the air is always a favourite). It's cute listening to her doing her little yips and snores when she's well away, her eyes roll back too (and she sleeps with her lids a little open) which makes for some creepy pictures.

Considering the fact that when we got her she wasn't allowed on the furniture, she spends an awful lot of time cuddling Mr Click on the sofa. The photo above is of her totally zonked out, cuddling his legs. I'd been trying to get a decent photo of her looking suitably worn out for most of the week, but most of them weren't working out because of the aforementioned eye-opening problem. I think this one captures her being worn out pretty well though, she's just sort of flopped.

Week 19's theme was Listening. I was really suffering from the cold and couldn't come up with anything particularly interesting for this, so in the end I went for a totally posed photo.

Week 19: Listening
That's Mr Click pretending to listen on my phone. I went for my phone purely because it has a green case which looked better than his brown (which is a slightly different style). The weird angle is because I'm a lot shorter than he is and I couldn't quite get his head and his hand in the picture if I took is landscape. I guess it's quirky.

If I'd had more energy then I would've taken a super close-up of the speakers for the TV or maybe Mr Click's hearing aids (which are currently out of commission because they never work). Hopefully my photos will improve now that I'm feeling slightly better, the next few weeks are set to give me a few opportunities (I'm already getting ideas). Next week is Small Things and the cogs are starting to turn already!

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