Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A Conspicuous Absence

You may (or may not) be wondering where I've been for the last few days.

I've explained before that I don't have internet access at home (beyond mobile internet on my phone) so I get my blog posts written in the week before I post them, then get them uploaded on a Sunday. I've got very good at making a schedule and sticking to it. Thus far this approach has worked like clockwork.

Until this week.

When we arrived at my in-laws' house this Sunday there was no internet connection. It did come back briefly for about an hour and was really sluggish for a while. Then it disappeared again and failed to return for the rest of the day.

This obviously threw a spanner into the proverbial blog works because I wasn't able to update. To make matters worse, I couldn't even get my phone to post a brief update. I was stuck in total blog silence.

But I'm back again now!

I was considering back-dating my posts, seeing as I've got them virtually all ready to go. But I've decided against doing that. Instead I'm going to hold off starting The Wide Window Chapter-by-Chapter posts until next week. Most of them are ready to go, but as the day wore on on Sunday and it looked less and less likely that I was going to get anything posted I kind of lost interest in editing/polishing what I'd got down so far. If I wait until next week it'll take some pressure off.

My posts are returning to their regular schedule from this point onwards, but I'll just close with a bullet point list of some of the things I was mentioning in my Weekly Rundown:

  • Spent last week running on approximately 21 hours sleep due to my stomach feeling like it was planning to explode.
  • Was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia with a possible side order of gall bladder issues.
  • Slowly trying to wean myself off some of the medications I was put on to see what I can do without and what I need to get on repeat prescription.
  • Read The Fault in Our Stars. Cried. A lot.
  • Have knitted twelve ginger moustaches for a team Commonwealth Games thing at work. We look awesome.
Me, looking slightly washed out & with messy hair, sporting a stylish handlebar 'tache.


  1. Replies
    1. I think I can pull off the facial hair look quite well. I'm thinking of making a range of them to suit every occasion! ;-p

  2. I would go nuts without internet access at home.

    1. I'm used to not having brilliant internet access at home because I only have it on my phone but it was very trying not being able to get online on my laptop at my in-laws'.

      This week the mobile internet has been playing up for us as well so I had no internet access at home from Friday evening to this morning. It's like the world is out to get me!


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