Thursday, 24 July 2014

Day Zero Project: The End

I’ve been blogging my way through my Day Zero Project for well over a year now and I’ve finally reached the end of it. The Day Zero Project list was something that I found way back in 2012 and I made my list on January 1st, the idea being that it is supposed to be 101 things that you will aim to do in 1001 days. I’m well over halfway through the period allotted for completing the challenge, although towards the end I’ve been skipping some of the tasks that I’ve not been able to do because it got a bit boring to blog ‘not really done this’ every week.

And was it worth it?

Well, yeah. It was quite cool to give myself a list of things to try and achieve and then work through them. Some of them were fun or tongue-in-cheek and others were more serious. I’ve not really come close to achieving a lot of the things I listed and because things have changed, circumstances, interests and other things, some I’m completely unlikely to achieve.

I had a lot of fun actually making the list and for the most part blogging about it has been fun as well. I liked looking at my reasoning behind adding particular tasks to my list, my progress achieving them and other little comments.

But it’s not something I’ve followed religiously. The one or two times I’ve tried going back onto the Day Zero Project site it’s been down and I’ve not been so hot on updating my progress on the page I created for it here either. There were a few that I came upon while I was reviewing my progress and I’d marked them In Progress a year ago when I’d long since finished them.

Although I’ve not technically reached the end of the challenge, I’ve reached the end of blogging about it, so it’s kind of the end for me. I’ll probably go back and look at again occasionally, just to see how I’m getting on and how many of the tasks I actually achieve by the end.

Is it something I’ll do again?

I honestly started this blog post thinking, probably not, but the more I think about it, the more I think I might do it again in the future. I think I’d maybe try and come up with 101 more easily attainable/measurable tasks. Maybe blog-oriented so I can blog my way through again. But for now I’m closing the door on this particular challenge and I’m moving on to something new.

Day Zero Project posts are going to be replaced by posts showing my progress with the two Keri Smith books I got a couple of months ago. The main one I’m working on is Wreck This Journal because I’m constantly adding to it so some pages change quite quickly from one week to the next. The other is Finish This Journal which needs more time spent on a page so progress is a little slower.

Now I’ve finished knitting moustaches I’ve got more time to devote to these books a couple of times a week and I’ve really enjoyed looking at the books that other people have wrecked, so I’m looking forward to featuring mine on this blog.

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