Sunday, 6 July 2014

Weekly Rundown: Armed Forces Day Edition

Technically Armed Forces Day was last week, but my island has it the following week for various reasons, so yesterday I found myself standing in a gazebo down on the Square at the centre of town demonstrating how to save a baby from choking. Not really a bad way to spend a day.

For the record, the baby is a mannequin with a special foam plug at the back of it’s mouth. By whacking it on the back, hard, you can force the plug forward into its mouth. You have to hit it a lot harder than you would expect but it’s a clever little tool to help teach everyday first aid.

There were a few other stalls down town as well, though not quite as many as I’ve seen there in the past. There were lots of books and a friend treated me to a book called The Knitted Farmyard which is a fairly old knitting book with patterns of different farmyard animals as well as little farm people too. It looks cute although it seems to rely largely on making little wire frames and then stretching the knitted bits over the top of them.

I also picked up a little fertility charm. One of the guys browsing was complaining about the display of statuettes showing full breasts and a big pregnant belly, it was the fuss he was making that drew my attention to them. I pointed them out to Mr Click and after going back and forth on whether or not to get one, he treated me. At this point it probably has just as much chance of being effective as anything else, and it looks quite nice on my bedside table.

I bought a couple of other books as well, though I’m planning to blog about those tomorrow. So check back then to see what I treated myself to during my ‘Blind Date With A Book’.

Aside from spending a full day hanging around in town, I’ve mostly been home in the evenings this week. It’s meant that we’ve finally been able to watch loads of episodes of Criminal Minds and have reached the end of the fourth series. I’ve gotten really good at figuring out who the killer might be and how they’re operating. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I should be worried about the fact that I’m really good at thinking like the serial killers they investigate.

I’ve been reading a book in Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse series called The Dead of Jericho. I think it’s one that was featured fairly early on in the John Thaw series because I vaguely remember who did it, even though I’ve not reached the end yet. I’m determined to finish it soon because I want to get onto the results of my ‘Blind Date With A Book’.

Other than that, well, I’ve not done too much more knitting this week. I’ve got two ducklings but I’m sort of stalling until I can get some more white DK yarn. The next bit to knit is a duckling in an egg and the parent ducks. I’ll need a couple of balls of white so I’ll be able to pick that up later in the week. Of course I didn’t think about getting more until after I got home from spending the whole day down town just yards away from two shops selling exactly what I needed!

For the coming week? Well, I’ve been getting a bit nostalgic and reinstalled my Petz game on my computer. There’s something about the summer holidays that makes me just want to bum my days away playing old virtual life games like The Sims and other similar ones. I’ve got two dogz, named Dora and Oxide, and two catz, Sunny and Atticus. I’m a bit of a dork, but I do so enjoy breeding them to see what weird mixes I can come up with. I guess that’s what I’m going to be spending much of the next week up to.

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