Monday, 9 February 2015

Family Gathing & Return from Wales

I mentioned that my trip to Wales saw me celebrate an additional two Christmases. My third, and final, Christmas took place on the day before we returned home, in High Wycombe. This was a big family get together with many family members who I’d last seen at my Aunt’s wedding when I was three.

It was a bit of a long journey which I passed mostly by reading The Book Thief as I’d taken a while to get through Pride and Prejudice and was determined to make back time with my fourth week’s book. It was harder reading on the way back because it was getting dark so I had to wait for cars to be behind us so I could read by the light of their headlights.

The big event itself was great fun. There was a lot of talking and meeting people who are now kind of a blur of faces and names. I think I should have taken notes! Plus a full Christmas dinner, my fourth one in just over a month. It was really lovely and all organised by my Nan’s sisters and family. Quite incredible.

We also had a visit from Santa and no one was left out. I couldn’t help but watch as our Secret Santa gifts were handed out, I think they definitely went down well. Mr Click’s torch has been put to very good use as it’s much better than trying to use a phone to light the way when we’re taking Tara in the garden. I received a fancy bath lotion set, which I’ve not cracked open yet because it looks so pretty. It’s full of these cute little bottles like little jewels. I definitely won’t share them with Mr Click!

It was an early start the next day as we packed up our last bits and pieces, then loaded the car. This was a little bit tricky as it was all frozen up and the ground was a bit icy as well. It was really weird driving away, but I’d already made plans to travel down again some time in August. All the same, I kind of sobbed like a little baby.

We made good time coming home, taking a slightly different route which took us onto the motorway quicker. And even though we planned to make more stops, we only actually stopped once more than on the way down, but thanks to a lack of snow on the roads we took less time getting back.

It was almost surreal to sit in the living room together, eating tea, just like a Saturday when we’ve been off to the mainland for a shopping expedition, after being away for a week. It was especially strange because the rats were still away with their minder and Tara was away at the kennels, so the house felt really empty.

As of about a week ago I finally finished unpacking the stuff as well. So we’re properly back now. I’ve even unloaded the books my Nan gave me onto the bookcase. But I can’t wait until I get a chance to go back again!


  1. Getting everything unpacked is always a good feeling.

    1. Yeah, it doesn't really feel like you're properly home until you've got everything out of the suitcase. ;-)


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