Thursday, 5 February 2015

Finish This Book: Secret Intelligence Training

It’s been a while since I shared any pages from this book. That’s mainly because I’ve not actually done much work on this book. I’m currently working on a page that is kind of time consuming so I’ve put off sharing any pages from it because that’ll take me closer to the page that I’m not finished with yet.

Now that Christmas is out the way, and I’m not in Wales, and I’m slowly getting back on top of the chaos in the spare bedroom, I can carry on posting these pages. Hopefully that’ll help spur me on to finish the page I’m working on.

This page is training to make sure that you can hide your identity. And what do you need to hide your identity?

Why a disguise of course!

Now I realise that this isn’t the picture that the book calls for. The book asks for a picture of yourself, wearing this disguise which is cut out of the book. I don’t have a photo of myself wearing this disguise yet. I’ll have to add one at some point as I need to stick a photo into my Finish This Book. My main problem is finding a way to stick the bits of paper to my face, hehe.

But I’m not too worried about my lack of a photo to prove my ability to adopt a disguise. I already know that I am a master of disguise really, particularly when that disguise takes the form of a knitted ‘tasche:

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