Thursday, 26 February 2015

Wreck This Journal: Collect Stamps

The page I’m sharing today is one that I’ve kind of neglecting until just recently. In fact, I completely forgot that it was a page in here until around Christmas time. The instruction on this page is COLLECT THE STAMPS OFF OF ALL YOUR MAIL.

Part of the reason I’d forgotten about it was because I don’t really get much in the way of post. I get stuff from the hospital or bank and that’s always in a prepaid envelope so no stamp there, and I get a magazine on subscription which comes in a polythene envelope, nothing there either.

I conveniently remembered about this page in the run up to Christmas but it wasn’t until I dug out the envelopes we’d received with Christmas/anniversary cards in to cut the letters out of the addresses on the front to make a label for my Secret Santa gift (should I explain that one?) that I realised I should really grab some of those stamps for my book.

So I cut them off and stuck them in the pencil case where I keep my Wreck This Journal stuff and just last week I got out my glue to stick them all in. And this was the result:

I’m hoping to add to it in the future. Perhaps I’ll get some more stamps in the next couple of months when it’s my birthday. I’m sure I’ll get some cards then.

(Oh, and the label for my Secret Santa gift? To make it harder for my recipient to guess who their gift is from I make the gift label random note style by cutting letters out of other things, the previous year I used magazines, last year I used the envelopes addressed to us. Of course I’ve done this twice now so it’s fairly obvious who the gifts with the ransom note tags are from.)


  1. I collected stamps when I was a kid. But I bought stamps from stamp companies. I still have them too.

    1. My Grampy used to collect stamps when he was younger and I liked to look through the ones from around the world. I'll occasionally pick up the sets of stamps that they do for special occasions (like the Tolkien ones that were released here) and I like to see what pretty ones they release at Christmas. :-)


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