Sunday, 22 February 2015

Weekly Rundown: Trip to Glasgow

Right now I'm feeling pretty tired since I had a busy day yesterday. A group of seven of us headed to Glasgow for a meal and a trip to the cinema. It was a great day out filled with a LOT of giggling and laughing at random things, I dread to think what the people on the train thought of us (particularly of me when we decided it would be a good idea to record a message to one of our party who wasn't travelling back with us... I may have been a little loud).

Tara was completely baffled by our getting up significantly earlier than on a regular Saturday. You could almost see the little cogs in her labrador-brain turning as she tried to figure out why we were up so early and then when we were up and dressed why we weren't going for our walk already. It was slightly hilarious as she kept going to the door and then coming back to us as if to show us what we were supposed to be doing.

Thankfully the weather was fine, we woke up this morning to an Amber Alert on the ferries, rain and some fairly strong gusts of wind. We were lucky yesterday in that the weather was dry with the exception of a few spots of rain as we headed up to the cinema. The ferry crossing was smooth and although it was a bit chilly when we left the cinema, it wasn't even that cold in Glasgow.

It was, however, very icy in town when I went to get money out the bank. Mr Click dropped me off at the cashpoint and then drove round the block to pick me up to avoid holding up the cars behind him. I thought it would be a good idea to walk to the corner so he could meet me there.

It wasn't.

After I'd nearly fallen over face first I decided to just hover on the edge of the road and wait for him there, a far more sensible idea.

First stop in Glasgow was T.G.I. Friday's which I've not been to in years. The plan was cocktails, though I'm being good and not drinking so I stuck with a good old J2O. I ordered the chicken fingers which are basically like large chicken nuggets and they were good. Next time I go I may be a little more adventurous, I'm definitely going to order sweet potato fries next time, they were yummy.

Oh and I had cookie dough cheesecake for pudding. Way too filling after that big meal, but so, so good. I've been trying to lose a little weight and shape up a bit during the last few weeks and I suspect that the three pounds I've lost in that time have all gone back on after those goodies yesterday, though hopefully the walking helped to balance things out a little.

So then it was on to the real reason we had gone to Glasgow. The cinema. And what were we going to see? Fifty Shades of Grey of course.

I'll post a proper review of it tomorrow but suffice to say. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting though it's really not a film I ever would've chosen to go see unless I was going with a group of people the way I did.

And from what I've seen online, it's a lot better than the books.

Other than going to Glasgow to watch lots of sex and nudity, I've been doing the usual this week. Listening to my new Hobbit soundtrack which I bought last week, reading books for the Reading Challenge and which people have lent me, nearly setting our vacuum cleaner on fire by vacuuming up too much shredded paper.

This week coming it'll be more of the same, though hopefully with fewer fire hazards!

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