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Film Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, Part 3

As I mentioned at the beginning of this little series of reviews, this one is only running to four parts, making this our second to last chunk of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. I’ve been reviewing these films for months so it’s kind of weird to think of being done with them. I’m still trying to work out what I should watch next. Suggestions on a postcard please. ;-)

In the last chunk of the film, Harry’s arrival at Hogwarts prompted Voldemort to begin the attack as the Order tried to buy Harry enough time to do what he had gone there to do. That thing of course was to find the lost diadem of Ravenclaw, which he managed with a little help from Luna. Oh and Ron and Hermione kissed. At last!

This time around we’re paying a little visit to the Room of Requirement and Draco’s cronies nearly get everyone killed, unfortunately in unrelated incidents around the castle, lots of other people get killed. You might want your tissues handy for this next bit.

61. Something dramatic is happening right now, but I can’t quite tell what it is because there’s some flashes of light and a lot of darkness. Flitwick seems to be running away from things.

62. And now the bad guys are in the ground. Everyone’s retreating inside and it’s really not looking good.

63. I do love that Neville decides that right now he needs to tell Luna that he’s ‘mad for her since they’ll probably both be dead by dawn’. He’s so sweet.

64. Meanwhile Ron and Hermione are using the map to try and find Harry but as soon as they find him he disappears. Where could he be? Oh yeah, the Room of Requirement.

65. And it’s back to looking the way it did during the Half-Blood Prince when Harry and Ginny went to hide the potions book. So somewhere in this massive room full of towering piles of stuff is a lost diadem. Luckily Harry can kind of hear that tingling noise so he knows when he’s heading in the right direction.

66. Sure enough, he finds it. It’s in a box looking all innocent and not like it’s got a piece of the most evil being in the world’s soul trapped inside it.

67. Unfortunately for Harry, Draco shows up with two of his cronies (one of whom has been replaced by Blaise Zabini since the guy playing the original one got arrested for drug possession).

68. Hehe, love Ron’s response ‘that’s my girlfriend, you numpty!’ when they try to take out Hermione. I’m not sure whether Hermione looks pleased or exasperated by that. I also love that when running away from the enchanted fire, Ron grabs Hermione and runs with her, but just leaves Harry standing there. Nice one Ron!

69. Fire is one of those things that really freaks me out and this magic fire is pretty much the worst thing I can imagine. It’s consuming all of the stuff in the room (including the crony who conjured it). Luckily Ron finds a bunch of broomsticks and they are able to escape. They even save Draco and his friend, which shows that Harry is a good guy, not a bad guy. I also suspect I might be a bad guy because Draco really annoys me and I wouldn’t have minded if they’d left him there.

70. Oh, and they manage to destroy the Horcrux diadem. Voldemort is pissed about this and just kills one of his guys without hesitation.

71. And Harry figures out that the snake is the last Horcrux. Not quite, Harry.

72. Ron suggests Harry look inside Voldemort’s mind to see where the snake is. At the boathouse by the look of things. And then we see Lucius who is apparently hanging out there with Voldemort, and saying things which do nothing but annoy him even more.

73. Now Hogwarts really looks like the scene of a war movie. There are curses flying all over the place, people duelling right outside the door, giants and spiders roaming the grounds, and Fenrir nomming on Lavender. It’s not a happy scene at all.

74. Aw look, Aberforth has come and he’s protecting people. Go Aberforth!

75. Snape’s trying to reassure Voldemort that the wand is fine. He’s basically saying ‘it’s all in your head’ which probably isn’t the wisest thing to say to someone who is pretty much a homicidal maniac. Voldemort’s realised that the person the wand will actually respond to is Snape and that’s really bad news for Snape.

76. It’s interesting that Voldemort doesn’t Avada Kedavra Snape. He cuts him and then sets Nagini on him, but doesn’t even stay to make sure he’s properly dead. Good news for Harry, but sloppy work from Voldemort.

77. And Harry’s pretty horrified to see that Snape dying. This scene is so sad, watching Harry collecting Snape’s tears to be able to see his memories. And Snape telling Harry he has his mother’s eyes. Poor Snape.

78. Voldemort’s calling them all again. He’s calling off his troops and taunting Harry, inviting him to a rendezvous in the Forbidden Forest.

79. I don’t like how quiet it is as the trio head back into the castle. You just know that it isn’t good at all. There’s no music in this scene and it just makes it feel too quiet.

80. And now we can see all the dead. Poor Weasleys. Poor Tonks & Lupin. I wish we could have seen more of them.

81. Harry takes off on his own. Time to snoop into Snape’s memories.

82. Aww look, it’s little Lily and Petunia. And little Snape. They’ve really picked good matches for the young characters. I could imagine that boy growing up to be Snape.

83. And then we get Snape discussing the prophecy with Dumbledore, begging him to protect Lily and her family. And again after Lily was killed. I really feel for Snape in this bit here. Lots of nice little flashbacks to the earlier films as well as explaining why Snape had to be the one to kill Dumbledore. I do like this bit, but I like that in the book it goes into so much more detail.

84. It’s very convenient that Harry was there to see Snape dying so that Snape could pass on this memory to tell him that when Voldemort killed his parents, Harry became one of his Horcruxes. I love that this is interspersed with Snape finding Lily’s body while baby Harry looks on. And Snape is disgusted at the fact that Dumbledore has been letting Harry live purely so he can die at the opportune moment.

85. Ooh look, Snape’s Patronus is doe. So that means that Snape has been helping Harry all along. And by the way, Voldemort has to be the one to kill Harry. I suppose Harry had to find that out this way because he never would’ve believed Snape had he just told him.

86. This is all something of a shock to Harry. Understandably so really.

87. Now he’s heading off to the forest. Ron and Hermione aren’t happy about this. I love that Harry knows that Hermione’s known that Harry’s a Horcrux himself for some time. I’m not sure that Ron gets it though. I bet Hermione’ll fill him in after Harry’s out the way.

So we’re at the beginning of the end now. It all happens in the next bit, we’ll pay a visit to a rather monochrome King’s Cross, Neville will get to be a hero, Molly Weasley gets one of the best lines in the whole book and film franchise, oh and Voldemort gets defeated.

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