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Film Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, Part 2

After messing up my initial attempt to post this series of reviews, I’m getting this one right this time. Sorry about that last week. Also as a little side note, as you’re reading this, I’m heading off to Glasgow to see Fifty Shades of Grey. Considering the books don’t sound entirely like my cup of tea, this is going to be an interesting experience for me. Watch this space for the review.

For now though, we’re watching the second part of the second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. After Harry, Ron and Hermione successfully liberated a Horcrux and a dragon from Gringotts they’re off to Hogsmede and Hogwarts to find another Horcrux. Unfortunately for them, and everyone there, Voldemort knows where they are and they’re about to have a battle on their hands!

29. The trio’s apparating into Hogsmede sets off something that sounds like a bunch of cats. It’s really lucky that someone opens the door to a nearby building and invites them inside. Where there’s a mirror on the wall which shows Harry’s image and we learn where the mirror came from, kinda.

30. Oh, and this strange man is Aberforth, that’s Dumbledore’s brother. He’s not really all that impressed with his brother. This is a suicide mission apparently. That’s exactly what Harry needs before he goes into battle with Voldemort, being berated by someone who’s actually helped him before now by sending Dobby to his rescue.

31. And at this point I have to pause the film to open the rat cage because Yoda is trying to chew his way out. Obviously once the cage door is opened he has no interest in coming out at all.

32. There’s a handy painting on the wall of a creepy looking girl who Hermione has figured out is Ariana, the Dumbledore brother’s younger sister. And we’ve just found a little bit of the source of the bitterness between the two men.

33. Ariana’s brought Neville back with her, to guide the trio back to Hogwarts. It’s a brand new secret passage into Hogwarts which leads directly into the Room of Requirement. That’s convenient.

34. And the Room of Requirement is packed with students. Who are all still wearing their uniforms. I wonder if they’re still going to classes or if they’re just hiding out there instead of going to their dormitories at night.

35. Harry helpfully tells everyone that he’s looking for something but they don’t know what it is or where it’s hidden. Luna’s back at school now and she suggests that what they need is Rowena Ravenclaw’s lost diadem. Cho points out the problem with this is that it’s lost.

36. Ginny’s arrived and she and Harry share a googly eyed moment before spilling the beans that Snape knows Harry is here.

37. So it’s time for a school assembly. Snape’s giving them all a dire warning about harbouring Harry Potter or knowing anything about his whereabouts.

38. Everyone’s carefully not meeting Snape’s eyes, except for Harry himself, who merrily steps forward and criticises Snape’s security measures before berating him for murdering Dumbledore.

39. Snape’s response is to prepare to curse Harry, until McGonagall steps forward and is totally awesome.

40. This would be a moment for celebration until Harry gets kind of fainty and random girls around the hall start screaming and Voldemort sends them all a message to hand over Harry. They’ve got an hour. Conveniently the film has an hour and a half still to go.

41. Pansy Parkinson yells that Harry’s there but everyone steps forward to protect him. I love that McGonagall calls Filch a ‘blithering idiot’ before banishing the entirety of Slytherin House to the dungeons.

42. And now it’s time to prepare for a battle. And the castle is in chaos.

43. Ron and Hermione have come up with an idea for how to destroy the Horcrux when they find it, so they separate.

44. There are so many wonderful lines in this bit of the film. McGonagall tells Neville that he is in fact allowed to blow something up. ‘Boom?’ ‘BOOM!’ And when Neville asks how, McGonagall informs him that he should ‘consult with Mr Finnegan’ because he ‘has a proclivity for pyrotechnics’. She is SO wonderful.

45. And then she sets the statues from the outside of Hogwarts to defend the castle with a little speech to them, then turns to Molly and says ‘I’ve always wanted to use that spell’ like an excited schoolgirl.

46. I love the way the protective spells work. It’s one of those bits that I didn’t really have a picture of when I was reading the book, but the way it looks in the film is totally perfect.

47. Luna’s caught up with Harry, and I can’t help but be reminded that I kind of ship them a little bit. She reminds him that the person he actually needs to speak to is someone who is dead. I can’t help but feel a little bit disappointed that we don’t get to see the Ravenclaw common room, because I’m a Ravenclaw and I want to see the film version of where all the cool (and dorky) kids hang out.

48. It’s the first time we’ve seen (and spoken to) one of the Hogwarts ghosts for quite a while. Helena Ravenclaw isn’t really in much of a hurry to help Harry, until he tells her he wants to destroy the diadem.

49. Then the screen goes completely dark so I don’t know what’s happening, but the music is dramatic.

50. Oh look. There’s Voldemort.

51. Ah, he’s looking at the castle from up above it. And giving the command to attack. The spells look very pretty until they start hitting the defences. Then it’s kind of scary.

52. Harry’s still trying to convince Helena to tell him where he can find the diadem. Seriously woman. Tell him. There’s no time to delay. She gives him a bit of a riddle to solve, just like a true Ravenclaw, but Harry’s got it figured out.

53. I like the little moments between the various groups as they’re preparing for battle. It reminds me of some war movies I’ve seen. Which I guess is kind of what this one is.

54. I love that Ron is able to open the door to the Chamber of Secrets and then asks Hermione if she’s noticed Harry talks in his sleep. She actually seems kind of defensive when she answers.

55. Neville is so cool on the bridge, yelling at all the death eaters.

56. That Basilisk has really decayed. It’s just a skeleton now. I don’t know why but it kind of surprises me every time I see it. Probably more cinematic than a decaying corpse.

57. Hermione is totally cool with destroying the Horcrux, unlike Ron.

58. And I do love that we get to see Hermione and Ron kiss. I always wanted to see that in the book and was sad it wasn’t shown. I think their little laugh right afterwards is sweet and so true to character.

59. Oh, Remus and Tonks. :-(

60. Uh oh, the defenses are failing. You might want to start running now Neville. Those guys have really bad aim. And Neville is really, really lucky. ‘That went well’ hehe.

As we’re probably all smiling right now, this seems like a good place to stop as in the next instalment the body count really, really racks up and Harry starts to prepare himself for his final battle with Voldemort himself.

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