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Film Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Part 2

It’s Saturday so it’s time to sit back, put your feet up and watch another little bit of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

In last week’s bit of the film we didn’t see the Dursleys at all, we didn’t see much of the World Cup either, we did see a bit of the students from the other wizarding schools and we saw a Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson with the new teacher, who has some unusual teaching methods.

31. There’s a close up of a stained glass window with the rain outside making it look like it’s crying. Ah. Which is a nice transition back into the castle where people are putting their names into the Goblet of Fire.

32. Cedric does his and gets a round of applause. There’s a ring around the Goblet but we’ve not actually been told what it is until now. Hermione plays Captain Exposition to explain that the Weasley twins idea to use an aging potion to get past it won’t work. And it looks like she’s wrong until they put their names in, and then get spat out across the room, growing long white hair and beards in the process.

33. Their fight is interrupted by Krum arriving, giving Hermione a look and putting his own name into the Goblet.

34. And now we’ve jumped ahead again. It’s time to announce the champions. Everyone’s gathered in the Great Hall again as the Goblet starts spitting out names. First Victor Krum for Durmstrang, then Fleur Delacour for Beauxbatons, and Cedric Diggory for Hogwarts. Everyone is sent away out of the hall. Dumbledore launches into a speech about how there can only be one winner of the Triward Cup. Lots of cheering and then Snape steps forward studying the cup.

35. It’s gone red again and another name pops out. This time it says Harry Potter. Dumbledore sounds a bit West Country when he says Harry’s name. Hermione pushes Harry forward, personally I wonder why no one suspects her at this point.

36. There’s no more cheering now, instead someone yells about how Harry’s a cheat as he walks to the back of the hall to the room where the champions are waiting.

37. And what a room, there’s all sorts of metallic spinning things. Shortly after Harry arrives a bunch of teachers arrive arguing about how Harry got his name into the Goblet. Dumbledore at least seems to believe Harry didn’t do it.

38. Crouch lets them all know the good news. Harry’s name in the Goblet is a binding magical contract. Whether he wants to be or not, he’s a Triwizard Champion.

39. There’s a meeting in Dumbledore’s study with McGonagall, Snape and Moody. McGonagall doesn’t want Harry to compete, aww, I love McGonagall. Snape says Harry should compete and Moody is given the direction to look after him. Meanwhile Dumbledore is studying the Pensieve and looking at a memory of the slip of paper coming out with Harry’s name on it.

40. Ron’s being all bitter about Harry getting into the tournament and not telling him how he did it. Ron clearly doesn’t believe Harry. Oh Ron, stop being a jerk. Actually I love Ron a little bit here. He’s behaving in exactly the way you would expect a teenage boy to behave.

41. Now Rita Skeeter is meeting the champions. It’s Queenie from Blackadder! She’s not quite as vile as I picture her in the books, her robes need to be a shade more lime green.

42. She escorts Harry into a broom cupboard and tells Harry he should be right at home, so I’m guessing the wizarding world knows how his relatives treated him growing up.

43. I like the Quick Quotes Quill. I could do with one of those for writing these blog posts.

44. She’s already twisting the things that Harry says. She keeps saying that he’s twelve and blatantly ignoring whatever answers Harry gives her. The scene ends with Harry’s complaint about the fact the quill has written his ‘eyes are glistening with the ghosts of his past’.

45. Then we see an owl flying past outside the castle and we follow it up to the owlery where it delivers a letter to Harry who is apparently waiting for it. Wonder where Hedwig is. Sirius is apparently keeping her because she’s too easily recognised. He gives Harry instructions to meet him in the fire in the common room then adds a PS, warning that the bird bites. Harry discovers this at roughly the same time as he read it.

46. While Harry heads to the common room looking for Sirius he spots the Daily Prophet on the arm of a chair. I think they do a pretty good job of showing that the paper is basically showing Harry to be the only Hogwarts Champion, going by the photo and the headline. I also like the way that we hear Rita Skeeter’s voice narrating the article, getting fainter and making complaining noises as Harry screws it up, hehe. Nice touch.

47. I’m never quite satisfied with the way that people’s heads look in the fire in the film. In my head they don’t look like they’re made out of the logs or coal, they just look like heads in a fire. Still, it’s a good visual effect.

48. Sirius basically tells Harry that the dream, the death eaters and the name in the Goblet are not coincidences. Someone is out to get Harry. And now someone is coming so Sirius has to go before he can give Harry any more information.

49. It’s Ron, he and Harry have a little snit at each other before Ron goes away and Harry looks sadly at the paper as it burns up.

50. Harry’s hanging out with Neville as Neville stands in a loch looking at a plant. The way Neville keeps saying ‘amazing’ over and over again makes me think that he wants Harry to ask him about whatever he’s found.

51. Before we can find out what it is, Hermione, Ron and Ginny appear on the scene with Hermione arguing with Ron. She has a message to deliver. Seamus told Ron that Dean was told by Parvati that Hagrid is looking for Harry. I love her reaction when Harry asks her to tell Ron, who’s standing right behind her, “I’m not an owl!”

52. It’s now night and Harry is walking through the forest with a Hagrid who has evidently made a bit of an effort. Hagrid and Maxime are meeting up and so Harry has to hide under the invisibility cloak. Meanwhile there are roars in the distance.

53. And so we know what the first task is going to be. It’s dragons.

54. Everyone is wearing badges which say “Potter Stinks” but Harry is pretty noble and finds Cedric to tell him what the first task will be. After being the bigger man he goes on to have a quick go at Ron, then runs into Malfoy.

55. This ends badly for Malfoy who tries to curse Harry but is turned into a ferret by Moody who then shoves him down one of Malfoy’s cronies trousers. McGonagall has to reprimand Moody, pointing her wand at him. Moody pulls a face at her back, he’s a bit like a teenager himself really. Hmm…

56. Moody takes Harry back to his office, relieves himself of his false leg and we’re introduced to a Foe Glass and a trunk which seems to have something trapped inside it. Moody wants to know what Harry’s going to do about the dragon, warning him how much better than him all the other competitors are and suggests that he might like to play to his strengths.

Next week will see Harry survive his challenge though the audience almost doesn’t! Christmas dance fever takes over the school and shock! horror! the boys have to ask girls out. Oh, and Ron has another tiff.

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