Thursday, 11 September 2014

Wreck This Journal: Collect Fruit Stickers

I was hoping to have a few more photos of the progress of my 'Collect Fruit Stickers Here' page, but alas, I don't seem to have taken very many of them. I will start with these two then and hopefully in the future we will be able to look back and see all the progress that I have made with this page.

The aim of this page is fairly obvious, you know all those fruit stickers you get on your fruit. Well instead of throwing them in the bin or sticking them to your fridge/bedhead/pet/significant other, you stick them in here.

Can you guess which fruit we get most often?

To be fair, it's not just Pink Lady apples that we eat (and the occasional banana), lots of the fruit we get (like grapes) comes without stickers. Or we get in tins so they don't have any stickers.

As of Sunday 7th.
The above photo is how it's looking right now. There's a random 'Perlim' sticker there from one of the fruits I got at work during 'Fruity Friday'. I did resist the urge to pick off all the stickers and just took the one from the apple I ate.

In the centre I had the idea to make a sort of flower design using a banana sticker and then a bunch of Pink Lady ones. I intend to layer these up in the future, just have to buy more apples. Otherwise I'm not really sticking them in following any real order, I just pop them on the page where they seem best suited.

I have seen some interesting interpretations of this page. Most go down the same route as I have but I know I did once see one which someone had covered in actual fruit-shaped stickers. I have none of those so I have stuck to just stickers from the fruit (as advised by the note at the bottom of the page). I might stretch this to price stickers next time we stock up on tinned fruit.

I like that this is another of those pages which is constantly changing. It looks like this now, but in a few weeks or months time it could look completely different!

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