Saturday, 20 September 2014

Film Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Part 3

We’re about halfway through the film now, hope you’re enjoying it.

Last week Harry became the fourth (of three) Triwizard Champions but can’t get out of it because it’s a binding magical contract, this established that someone at Hogwarts probably wants him dead. He’s also discovered that his cause of death is likely to be by dragon. In other news, Malfoy makes a good ferret.

57. Harry’s been told to play to his strengths and a second later we’re shown the stadium where the first task is taking place. All that we know it Harry’s method of dealing with the dragon is going to involve flying.

58. I like this next bit. Hermione stands outside the tent giving Harry some last minute advice. Unable to contain herself she rushes in and gives Harry a hug, caught by Rita Skeeter who is evidently planning her next article.

59. I do like the way Dumbledore looks at Hermione and then asks “What are you doing here Miss Granger?”

60. The champions each pull a miniature dragon out of a little bag. I’d quite like me a little mini dragon. They’re quite cute.

61. The champions are told that they will have to collect an egg guarded by their dragon. And everything gets underway. Soon Harry is the only one left waiting in the tent.

62. There’s no sign of the dragon at first but as Harry runs towards the egg the dragon appears. I have to admit, all the reaction shots of the audience gasping and ducking kind of make me laugh.

63. Hermione reminds Harry that he kinda needs to use his wand so he summons his Firebolt which thankfully does not get eaten by the dragon on its approach. So Harry is off and apparently this who bit is supposed to make up for the lack of Quidditch in the film.

64. The dragon escapes from its chains which means that not only is this challenge deadly for the competitors, it’s not such a good thing for the spectators either. Harry and the dragon end up flying all round the castle, landing on turrets and causing all sorts of damage as they go. At least they’ll probably be able to repair these bits with magic.

65. There are a couple of hairy moments, like when the dragon nearly catches Harry on the roof or the dragon almost takes out the bridge but there’s not really any doubt that this will end well.

66. Apart from the people in the stadium who for a while are just sitting there twiddling their thumbs waiting for Harry to return.

67. Everything happens quite quickly after that. Harry comes back, grabs the egg and suddenly we’re in the Gryffindor Common Room watching the party.

68. Harry opens the egg and all we’re able to hear is a horrible screaming noise. Ron’s the first person to speak afterwards. Harry’s a little bit snitty with his friend but they basically make up, with Ron telling Harry that he actually passed on the message about the dragons. And then they’re best friends again. Even Hermione is baffled.

69. Another transition with an owl flying around the castle and into the Great Hall. The Patil twins says hello to Harry, but he’s more interested in Cho, so interested in Cho that he dribbles his juice down his front.

70. Hermione meanwhile is complaining about the write up she’s received in the Daily Prophet about Harry and herself. Ron’s got mail too, it’s a box containing something brown and frilly which Ron assumes is a dress for Ginny. Hermione explains that it’s not a dress at all. They’re dress robes. For what? Ron asks.

71. McGonagall is about to tell us. Filch is setting up the largest gramophone in history. There will be a night of ‘well mannered frivolity’ in the guise of the Yule Ball. This is a dancing lesson.

72. Ron is volunteered by McGonagall to take the part of her dancing partner. I love how uncomfortable he looks. This reminds me so much of Social Dancing classes at school.

73. Neville’s really into it at least. He’s got some good moves.

74. Harry’s struggling to get a girl on her own long enough to ask her to be his Yule Ball partner. He’d rather face dragons than ask a girl to the dance.

75. Meanwhile Hagrid is flirting with Madame Maxime. Krum is showing off to Hermione down by the lake, with a gaggle of girls trotting after him.

76. When they should be working on their homework Ron, Harry and Hermione are discussing the Yule Ball. Ron’s chat up lines need a bit of work “Hermione, you’re a girl...” She takes offense to this and already has a date for the night. Snape has been pushing the boys’ heads down throughout this whole exchange as they refuse to do their work. I do love the way he pulls up his sleeves before shoving their heads down for the final time.

77. Another transition, once again we follow an owl up to the owlry. And it’s all snowy, all I can see in the right hand corner is the smiley face made by the standing stones beside the entrance to the bridge!

78. Harry’s heading up to the owlry where he runs smack into Cho, they do that funny little dancing thing where they both move to the same side at the same time so can’t pass each other. Aww.

79. He invites her to be his partner but she’s already taken. Oops. They both look a wee bit disappointed. So Harry goes and lies in the common room hugging his egg.

80. Ron’s not had any more luck. He tries asking Fleur out. This is going to be one of those awkward family stories in the future. At this moment the Patil twins walk past and apparently they’re still taken because a second later the boys are getting ready for the ball.

81. Ron’s outfit does not look good. Harry’s looks okay though he does look a little bit like he’s about to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Meanwhile Ron complains that he looks and smells like his Great Aunt Jessie.

82. Ron’s convinced that Hermione isn’t going with anyone to the dance. That she’s crying alone in her room. McGonagall chooses this moment to break it to Harry that he has to start the dancing with the other champions.

83. And then Hermione shows up. She’s got a lovely dress on and she’s done her hair and everything. And Krum meets her at the bottom of the stairs. I love her little geeky giggle as she waves at Harry. She might be all polished up but she’s still regular Hermione.

84. The Great Hall looks totally magical. All ice and snow and everything. So pretty.

85. Luckily the champions don’t have to dance alone long. Before long the teachers start joining them on the dance floor. Filch is dancing with his cat and Neville is partnering Ginny. Ginny’s dress is kind of little girlish.

86. The proper dancing doesn’t last long. Within a few minutes there’s a wizard’s mosh pit going on down by the stage. The Patil sisters are obviously disappointed by their choice of dance partners but Hermione is having a great time. Ron’s obviously annoyed with her, claiming she’s fraternising with the enemy. Poor Ron, every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it.

87. Proper Christmas dance really. Ron and Hermione end up having a fight, leaving her in tears. Christmas dances at school often ended like that, though never for me I should add.

88. I like the little moment where Hagrid is dancing with Madame Maxime and she has to readjust his hand on her back. I’ve never noticed that before. Bad Hagrid!

89. It’s all dark and we’re outside now, sort of zooming around the turrets. Inside Harry is having another bad dream. There’s a graveyard in the snow and he’s in the house from the beginning of the movie where Doctor Who is showing Voldemort the Dark Mark on his arm before someone gets Avada Kedavra’d.

90. Neville’s had a good night. Dirty stop out! He’s still dancing even now.

And we’ll leave them all there in their nice Christmassy post-party glow/depression.

Next time Harry leaves figuring out the next clue until the last possible minute and is almost completely unprepared for the second task, there’s a murder in the grounds of the school and Doctor Who is revealed to be a very bad man.


  1. While I haven't read the books, I did love the movies. Snape was by far my favorite character throughout the movies.

    1. I don't think I could imagine anyone other than Alan Rickman being Snape. He's the one I picture when I read the books now. And Maggie Smith as McGonagall, some of the others are still different in my head (while I think Emma Watson is perfect as Hermione in the films, she's not quite who I picture when I read) but they've made the characters for me.


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