Sunday, 28 September 2014

Weekly Rundown: Texts to Myself

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks running through NaNo ideas whenever I have the free time to disappear inside my own head. On your average day I usually have far too many other things going on in there to focus on NaNo stuff in too much detail until I turn the lights off and I’m lying in bed at night. It usually works quite well for me and I can come up with some good ideas, and if they’re really good then they might even stop with me until the morning.

And sometimes strange things happen.

Like last week.

While I was having a shower last Sunday morning I received a text. Not a wholly unusual occurrence in itself. I know people, sometimes they text me. What was strange was the fact that this text had been sent by myself, to myself.

Even stranger was the content of this text. It said CULTS!!

Apparently at some point in the night I had come up with a brilliant idea for my NaNo project this year and not having a pen or pencil to hand I had gone for the modern option. Why I opened the messages app instead of my notepad app, I have no idea. I’m guessing it was just the first programme that came to hand when I reached for the phone in my blurry-eyed state.

The funny thing is, as the week’s gone on, it’s helped to fit some pieces into place for my NaNo story this year. All I knew until that point was that my character was running away from something and the story would begin with her appearing on my other character’s doorstep. Now I know why.

I love it when you get little bursts of inspiration like that.

Aside from sending myself texts this week, I’ve still been working my way through The Three Musketeers. I’m getting through it a lot quicker now I’ve switched my Kindle background back to sepia instead of black (sorry Mr Click). Now I can read roughly 5% per night instead of just two or three. Next up will be Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which works out quite well considering I’ve just been watching Order of the Phoenix ready for my next few weeks of film reviews.

We’ve also been slowly watching Ripper Street. I’m glad we’re not rushing through it too quickly because it’s a fairly short series. We’ve had several evenings out and as the episodes are about ninety minutes each we’ve only been watching them one at a time. I dug out all of our Christmas (and Not-Quite-Christmas) films this week and I’m fairly certain we’ll finish the series with just enough time to start on those. I’m so organised.

I’ve got a couple of busy weeks coming up now, so I’m in a rush to get all of my blog posts scheduled. Setting up the form for the Christmas Guest Bloggers has been particularly useful. Thanks to everyone who has send in replies to the questions. I’ll be getting everything scheduled in the next couple of weeks so look out for an email to let you know when your post will be going live.

If you’re still interested in taking part, the form is still open, here.

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