Sunday, 7 September 2014

Weekly Rundown: The Clothes Shopping (Again!) Edition

Last week, while I was spending over £100 on booking my gown and photos for my graduation ceremony, I discovered that I was on the verge of making some fashion faux pas when it came to the actual outfit I had selected for the day. I was all set to wear a lovely floaty smart blue dress for the day when I found out that I should be wearing a more sedate blouse and skirt/trouser combo.

Cue panicked searching online for suitable attire.

I eventually decided that the best course of action would be to just go to the mainland so I could actually try stuff on. And so a shopping trip was planned. And then, for various reasons, we ended up deciding to take the car and do a big shop as well as hunt for smart clothes.

This turned out to be a bit of a bonus, because as much as I enjoy travelling to Clydebank on the train on a Saturday, it takes FOREVER and it can be really busy. By the time you actually get to the place where you’re going to be trying on clothes all you really want to do is snuggle down with a hot chocolate and a good book. Especially when the epic train journey has caused you to get up at some insane time on a Saturday morning.

We headed to Tesco first, reasoning that if we could find my outfit there we would be able to pick up the shopping as well and be home in time for lunch. Alas not. The blouse was no problem, the skirt not so much. As is usually the case for me, what I like isn’t always what’s in fashion. I wanted a nice flared A-line skirt; all Tesco had to offer were pencil skirts. I have a big bum and these do not look good on me. Even if my behind is being covered by fancy Hogwarts-esque robes (seriously going to spend the whole day on my graduation Wingardium Leviosa-ing everything)!

So off to Clydebank where Matalan came through for me again. Walked in, found a shirt, found a skirt, tried them on, they fitted, realised I needed a vest to wear underneath the shirt, found one of those too. Whole painful clothes shopping trip was completed within twenty minutes. I even treated myself to nice new underwear for the big day too (a girl has to feel pretty all over).

And then we did the epic shop.

Note: Shopping not actually from yesterday's shopping trip.
And my feet are yet to recover.

In my wisdom I decided to wear tights under my jeans so I could try on my skirt exactly as I’d be dressed on the day. Good plan. Except I then put socks over the top and wore slip on trainers that are a little more slip-off than slip-on. Each step seemed to take a little bit of extra effort to keep my shoes from flying off. Obviously I’d intended to take off the tights once I’d got the outfit sorted but then I left my bag with Mr Click while I was in the dressing room and didn’t want to look weird coming out the fitting room with a big wodge of balled up tights. And none of the toilets I went into through the course of the day were really the sorts of places you wanted to be taking your trousers off in. Know what I mean?

Despite the exhaustion and the difficulty walking, it was a fantastic day. There’s something really satisfying about coming home and seeing your kitchen cupboards all fill up with food after getting steadily barer. We were so organised as well before we went, taking a stock list, making a list of meals we’d like to have in the coming two months and then working out what food to buy. I love the whole process because I’m such a dork about these things.

When I’ve not been plotting big trips off the island this week I’ve been reading Robert Frost’s poetry (<3) and watching the last few episodes of The Persuaders. When we finished I fancied another programme in a similar vein so we decided to go for The Dukes of Hazzard. I feel like I need something light-hearted after watching Criminal Minds which is often quite dark and heavy-going.

And in the coming weeks I shall be putting the finishing touches to my graduation trip. The actual graduation is all fully booked now, accommodation and outfit stuff is finally sorted. All I’ve got left to do now is book the bus tickets (love you Megabus) and then there’s the trip to the zoo. Really can’t wait for that. I may be slightly more excited for Edinburgh Zoo than I am about my graduation (only slightly, but still).

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