Thursday, 4 September 2014

Finish This Book: Sit Down

I’ve been doing a wee bit more work on my Finish This Book this last week. Part of that is because I’ve almost filled in several of the pages in my Wreck This Journal and although I’m getting to the stage where I’m more willing to do some of the more destructive pages (taking it for a walk on the end of a piece of string, anyone?) there are a couple that involve my mouth so I’m kind of hesitant to do the really mucky stuff until I’ve chewed on one page and licked another.

So, Finish This Book has been getting some attention. Until the other night when I settled down in bed, opened my book to do the next page before bed, and discovered that in order to complete it I needed to go for a walk and observe things around me. Obviously I wasn’t about to do that when it was 10pm and I was in my jammies so it had to wait for a while.

Anyway, the second task in the book ordered you to sit down and make a sign which said something along the lines of ‘Do not disturb!’ I’ll admit, my illustration skills were somewhat lacking. I may go back and redo this at some point.

My pitiful attempt at a Do Not Disturb sign, the grey thing at the top of the photo is a knitted elephant trunk.
You’re supposed to cut it out and pin it up on the door so you’re not disturbed while you’re working but I’m usually in the same room as Mr Click while I’m playing with mine so a sign would be a little bit redundant. All the same, I think I might play around and put something together on my computer that I can print out and stick into the book (and take out to pin up if it’s needed).

The main thing with Finish This Book is that you should do each task before moving on to the next one. So I was able to mentally tick off this one and progress onto the next task.

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