Thursday, 25 September 2014

Wreck This Journal: Collect the Letter W Here

I’ve been so excited to share this page because it is definitely one of my favourites. I think this page is the one which helped me to come to terms with the general wreckingness of this book. I’m yet to do anything really truly destructive to this book, but this page helped me to start wrecking other things in order to get the ball rolling with this page.

This page seems quite innocent at first. The instruction is to ‘Collect the Letter W Here’. Now this sounds fairly innocent, you put the letter W all over the page. Easy.

Well, this kind of started an obsession for me. I started looking out for interesting Ws all over the place and have devoted HOURS to cutting them out of magazines, junk mail and random flyers I’ve picked up. I’ve actually taken free pamphlets home with me purely because they have an interesting W on the front cover.

You actually start looking at Ws on things you can't cut out and wondering how you can incorporate them into your W-ful page. Some people online had resorted to using letter Ms turned upside down, but it's not a problem I've had. Most adverts in magazines have a website address on them, so that's usually three Ws straight off.

Having stuck in a bunch of really big Ws I quickly started to run out of space so I've been cutting out really little Ws to fill in the big W on the page – with all the pages I’m trying to leave the instructions largely intact so you can still read what the page is supposed to be for. But even filling in the W with little ones didn’t help me with still finding bigger and better Ws but not having any room for them.

So I started on the facing page. I’ve got a little way to go before I fill in that page, though I’ve made a very good start to it.

Like most of the other pages in this book I’m just going to keep on working on this one, even after it looks like it’s done. You’ll probably see it again in the future when I’ve stuck in even more Ws and it might look much the same, just with fewer blank spaces, or it might look totally different. That’s one of the fun things about this book.

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