Monday, 1 September 2014

Loom Bandwagon

When I went down to Gloucester I spent the day before my older cousin’s wedding wandering around town with my younger cousin and her wife. It took us right back to being young teenagers again and we couldn’t help but notice that a lot of shops were selling loom bands.

As we walked past one of the Pound Shop type places my cousin announced that she was going to buy some to figure it out, and being transported back to being about fifteen again I decided that I would too.

I didn’t really play with my loom band kit until the week after I got home at which point I pulled up a bunch of step-by-step tutorials and got to work.

So far my results have been somewhat mixed. I seem to have this habit of getting everything lined up on the loom, as per the instructions, then have it all ping off when I try to take them off the pegs. I’m quite proud of one little loom band bracelet that I made myself, even if I did have to fudge it a little at the end.

I can’t allow myself to be beaten by a bunch of little elastic bands so I’m going to keep at it. Though I am blaming my tools slightly as the cheap £1 loom kit I got doesn’t look a whole lot like the ones used in most of the tutorials so I find myself running out of pegs towards the end of a design.

It’s a nice little change from knitting and I like to play with the different colour combinations. It’s giving me ideas for colour combinations that I might try in future knitting projects, things like hats, socks and scarves, because you can try sample schemes on a small scale without committing to a larger project. And like knitting, if the results aren’t entirely to your liking, or you want the supplies for something else, you can rip it all out and start over.

I do enjoy projects with a delete button.

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